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Comment Re:The gun is pointing at the foot (Score 5, Interesting) 385

And all 12 people that used the feature will be missed.

When your market share has shrunk to little more than the people who only continue to use your product because it has features that differentiate it from the alternatives, removing those very features is a damned stupid move.

I'm just waiting for them to finish the work currently underway to dump XUL and the current addon API, utterly destroying the current addon ecosystem and fully alienating all remaining users. That will be final stroke in Firefox's Chromification, and its death.

Comment Re:Ossified community (Score 1) 1822

Give back the subscribe feature so we can pay money to avoid ads. It hasn't worked in ages. I used to like to give other commenters gift subscriptions if they said something I found particularly entertaining or enlightening. It was like moderating, but with cash.

Another vote here for reviving and revitalizing the (now defunct) subscription feature. Let users pay to remove all advertising, keep some old perks (early viewing articles was great) and come up with some other cool perks. Consider updating the system to allow both time-based (e.g., monthly) as well as the old pageview-based option. A significant number of registered users abhor advertising and (at least claim to) want to support sites directly.

Oh, and fix the damned user account settings and preferences pages. It's embarrassing how broken they are, and how long they've been that way (years). It's impossible to find settings and some (like subscriptions and comment moderation options) seem to have been ninja-removed.

Comment Re:Literal comment (Score 1) 1822

Ability to prioritize certain posters.

You can already do this actually. If you log in you can add people to your Friends list and then set your comment moderation preferences so that friends get a bonus.

Slashdot is kind of decrepit but it does have some fairly powerful configuration options (especially when you consider it had them more than 10 years ago, haha).

Comment Re:Isn't this what --preserve-root is for? (Score 5, Informative) 698

This looks like an EFI design bug. Why should EFI allow the OS or any other software brick the system by deleting its variables? Like OO, EFI should allow access to these variables through methods and not directly.

That you reached +5 makes me weep for Slashdot.

It's completely normal for a *nix based system to expose something like UEFI variables through the filesystem. It's a concept called Everything is a File and is the same reason why root can read and poke places in /proc and /dev to get information about the system or make changes to it. I can sympathize with the systemd developers on this one (I know, get a rope) because making a unilateral decision to force UEFI read-only over this one issue will have a long-standing and huge impact of system administration (and this goes double controlling large networks of systems).

The fact that root running rm -rf / causes problems shouldn't surprise anyone. Even with newer flags like --no-preserve-root, running as root means exerting ultimate control. Some care is expected or eventually you'll get burned.

Besides, the real question here I think is: Why don't these motherboards have a ROM backup that can be used to restore and boot the boards after catastrophic failure of their saved state? Even without the rm -rf / red herring, that seems like a brain-dead requirement, and one that legacy boards have supported for decades.

Comment Re:Attention new management (Score 1) 1304

Can you please weed out the bullshiat "you are all cows" homophobic rant posts that have been defiling this once great site for far too long?

Honestly, given Slashdot's history of trolling -- goatse, gnaa, penis bird, systemd -- the Moooo! Cows posts are so benign that the moderation system can easily take care of them as needed (occasionally they are funny, as is the case with most troll posts).

I don't see why so many posts here advocate using this ownership change to implement draconian filtering or banning or the removal of anonymous posting. All of that goes exactly opposite of what made Slashdot and what keeps is distinct from the hundreds of other discussion sites out there.

Comment Re:Attention new management (Score 1) 1304

Also get rid of all those spammy APK posts littered everywhere. Figure out how to block his dumb ass from every posting in Slashdot again.

This place just wouldn't be the same without his incoherent rants. It's like my weekly dose of timecube.

Exactly. In fact, I think they should add a +1, Incoherent mod option so we can give APK's posts the visibility they obviously need :)

Comment Re:Open to Questions (Score 1) 1304

There were also follow-ups on stories that had been posted recently, and they were grouped together into a single article. This was called Slashback. As I recall, that was posted weekly. I'd love to see that come back.

Ah, the Slashback section (I always thought they should have named it "Backslash" :) ). Also one of my favorite features, and one that got lost in one of the first "re-designs". I imagine it was axed due to requiring editors to actually work, but that's just a guess.

I'd love to see the current code powering Slashdot to be released as FOSS.

Would love to see this too. Put it up on SourceForge, keep it active, accept pull requests.

Editors were generally unwilling to link to paywalled sites or sites that did sketchy things.

And no more blog spam! It used to be such a faux-pas to link to blog spam or a link farm instead of the original article source material. Now we get links to instead of directly going to

Comment Re:Side Effects (Score 3, Informative) 41

I have a friend with Friedrich's Ataxia, and CRISPR is one of the silver bullets she's praying for. FA cripples then kills you: wheel chair by 25, dead by 40 is often the case (it hardens the heart so it can't pump). While CRISPR has some unknowns and risks, having FA is a certainty. FA affects a single gene pair, so if you can replace either side of that gene, you have solved the problem, the mitochondria will start producing frataxin again, and the nerves will stop being slowly destroyed.

There are no treatments and since it is so rare (1 in 50,000 have it in the US, 1 in 30k in Europe, almost no one in Africa or Asia), few are investing in finding a cure or treatment. FA isn't the only orphan disorder like this. So yes, I'm quite happy to see CRISPR move forward.

Comment Re:Is it the year of the Linux desktop yet? (Score 1) 110

Right now, today, I have a P3 desktop running CentOS6/32 as a network monitor. It's old as the hills. My phone beats it handily in performance. But it runs on about 15 watts, and does the job so reliably that, in 10 years, it's never skipped a beat. It started with the original RedHat 6.1. (before RHEL was a thing)

I know it won't actually make any records, but I'm sure it's one of the oldest 0.01%, maybe even 0.001% of computers in terms of durability. It would be a remarkable machine if it wasn't otherwise so unremarkable.

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