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Comment: Why put a number on it? (Score 1) 478

by liquidsgi (#47968723) Attached to: Bioethicist At National Institutes of Health: "Why I Hope To Die At 75"
So I know some 60 year olds with massive illnesses and are a burden to society. Even some 40 year olds have reached their expiration date because of drinking/drugs and hard living. On the other hand, my mother and father are 75 and 78 and are in relatively perfect health with no issues to speak of. They get regular checkups and both are still working and productive members of society. Why say that just because they have reached a magic number, that they should all the sudden go jump off a cliff. This guy is an idiot. Tomorrow he could have a stroke and be a burden to his friends, family and society.

Comment: Windows Home server and Xbox (Score 1) 516

by liquidsgi (#33465864) Attached to: Video Appliance For a Large Library On a Network?
Personally I have been using Windows Home Server streaming to an Xbox. I copy all of my decoded video to a videos folder on the windows home server. The home server is automatically detected by the xbox and streams through my router to the xbox which is hooked up to our LCD TV via HDMI. It works great!

Girls Bugged Teachers' Staff Room 227

Posted by samzenpus
from the making-the-grade dept.
A pair of enterprising Swedish schoolgirls ended up in court after they were caught bugging their teachers break room. The duo hoped they would hear discussions about upcoming tests and school work, allowing them to get better grades. It worked until one of them decided to brag about it on Facebook, and the authorities were called in. The girls were charged with trespassing and fined 2,000 kronor ($270) each in Stockholm District Court.

Comment: Go for it! (Score 1) 495

by liquidsgi (#32565882) Attached to: Getting Paid Fairly When Job Responsibilities Spiral?
I think with this economy, some people jump to the quick and easy response "Just be glad you have a job and shut up." I have been through multiple layoffs during this recession and my take is some companies are using the recession as an excuse. They use it as an excuse to overwork people, to not take care of HR issues when they need to, not give raises (even cost of living) and other general crappiness that they can get away with. Obviously, you are not being treated right. They probably said to themselves "Yeah this guy is bright and can multitask so lets get rid of everyone and make him do all the work!" Cost-savings of $$$$. You won't get fired for asking for a raise. Go in there with a complete list of the things that you do/are responsible for and see what they say. If they say F**%% off, then you know to start looking. The economy is getting better and if you leave, they are going to be screwed. If they are stupid enough to not give you anything, they deserve what they get.

Comment: 4-5 hours per day (Score 2, Informative) 547

by liquidsgi (#31851740) Attached to: How Many Hours a Week Can You Program?
An old manager told me once that they were told in a seminar that they should expect 4-5 hours per day "real work" and the rest crap from most engineers. You are always going to be interrupted with random stuff-- answering email going to find someone to have a mini work meeting etc. I find that this is pretty normal. I myself can't do more than 4 hours without being extremely burned out at the end of the day.
Data Storage

Need Help Salvaging Data From an Old Xenix System 325

Posted by timothy
from the warrior-princess dept.
Milo_Mindbender writes "I've recently gotten ahold of an old Altos 586 Xenix system (a late '80s Microsoft flavor of Unix) that has one of the first multi-user BBS systems in the US on it, and I want to salvage the historical BBS posts off it. I'm wondering if anyone remembers what format Xenix used on the 10MB (yes MB) IDE hard drive and if it can still be read on a modern Linux system. This system is quite old, has no removable media or ethernet and just barely works. The only other way to get data off is a slow serial port. I've got a controller that should work with the disk, but don't want to tear this old machine apart without some hope that it will work. Anyone know?"

Athena's Free Firewall Browser 23

Posted by timothy
from the should-you-choose-to-accept-it dept.
athenasec writes "Firewall Browser is a free configuration analyzer (download here), released by Athena Security, which works on Cisco, Check Point, and Netscreen firewalls for searching rulebases based on address or service ranges — the way change requests are actually made. The tool is available as a free download with no limitations, user license restrictions, or registration hurdles. Users can slice and dice any firewall-related question about the network, service objects, and security rules for a multi-vendor environment from a single flexible interface. There is also this how-to guide for applying the tool to day-to-day operational tasks."

Scientists Use Sex-Crazed Bugs As Pesticide 107

Posted by samzenpus
from the doin'-it-hopper-style dept.
ByronScott writes "In today's 'gross news' category, some female insects just might be getting lucky. As an alternative to toxic pesticides, scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have created 'super-sexed' sterilized male leafhoppers to knock bug boots with females in the wild, resulting in decreased populations. Yes, that means that the female bugs will miss out on the joys of motherhood, but the idea that the insects will be having some fun instead of being gassed to death by poisons is pretty cool."

Microsoft Sends Flowers To Internet Explorer 6 Funeral 151

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the sorry-about-your-loss dept.
Several readers have written with a fun followup to yesterday's IE6 funeral. Apparently Microsoft, in a rare moment of self-jest, took the time to send flowers, condolences, and a promise to meet at MIX. The card reads: "Thanks for the good times IE6, see you all @ MIX when we show a little piece of IE Heaven. The Internet Explorer Team @ Microsoft."

NHS Should Stop Funding Homeopathy, Says Parliamentary Committee 507

Posted by samzenpus
from the how-am-I-going-to-align-my-chakras-now dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Homeopathic remedies work no better than placebos, and so should no longer be paid for by the UK National Health Service, a committee of British members of parliament has concluded. In preparing its report, the committee, which scrutinizes the evidence behind government policies, took evidence from scientists and homeopaths, and reviewed numerous reports and scientific investigations into homeopathy. It found no evidence that such treatments work beyond providing a placebo effect." Updated 201025 19:40 GMT by timothy: This recommendation has some people up in arms.

Creating Electric Power From Light Using Gold Nanoparticles 77

Posted by Soulskill
from the nanite-power-supply dept.
cyberfringe writes "Professor of Materials Science Dawn Bonnell and colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania have discovered a way to turn optical radiation into electrical current that could lead to self-powering molecular circuits and efficient data storage. They create surface plasmons that ride the surface of gold nanoparticles on a glass substrate. Surface plasmons were found to increase the efficiency of current production by a factor of four to 20, and with many independent parameters to optimize, enhancement factors could reach into the thousands. 'If the efficiency of the system could be scaled up without any additional, unforeseen limitations, we could conceivably manufacture a 1A, 1V sample the diameter of a human hair and an inch long,' Prof. Bonnell explained. The academic paper was published in the current issue of ACS Nano. (Abstract available for free.) The significance? This may allow the creation of nano-sized circuits that can power themselves through sunlight (or another directed light source). Delivery of power to nanodevices is one of the big challenges in the field."

How To Play HD Video On a Netbook 205

Posted by timothy
from the addressing-that-stuttering-problem dept.
Barence writes with some news to interest those with netbooks running Windows: "Netbooks aren't famed for their high-definition video playing prowess, but if you've got about $10 and a few minutes going spare, there is a way to enjoy high-definition trailers and videos on your Atom-powered portable. You need three things: a copy of Media Player Classic Home Cinema, CoreCodec's CoreAVC codec, and some HD videos encoded in AVC or h.264 formats. This blog takes you through the process."

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