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Comment: Ah, that old Apple Hater Lament (Score 2) 161

by SuperKendall (#48477385) Attached to: Behind Apple's Sapphire Screen Debacle

Perhaps they know that their customers are mostly fans who will always buy whatever overpriced gadget they throw at them

Or it could be Apple Haters do not and never will understand the reasons why people buy iPhones, and keep buying them after the first one.

It's also always been a puzzle to be how Apple Haters claim Apple has over-priced phones when the are the same price in and out of contract as other supposedly high-end phones.

Comment: It does have a top of the line screen (Score 1) 161

by SuperKendall (#48477379) Attached to: Behind Apple's Sapphire Screen Debacle

I wonder, though, how much it has cost Apple in sales and good will to be putting out a product without the top-of-the-line screen.

It dies; like every other top of the line smart phone the iPhone 6/+ uses Gorilla Glass.

In theory Sapphire about have been the new top of the line, but since nothing else uses anything better than what it ships with now why would Apple be losing sales over it?

Note that the Gorilla Glass guys claim Sapphire might have better scratch resistance, but is not as good in terms of shattering - and Gorilla Glass 4 supposedly does as well in terms of resisting scratches while having even better shatter resistance. So it could be Apple dodged a bullet by not having screens that shattered more easily.

Comment: Re:Shyeah, right. (Score 3, Informative) 275

by Lumpy (#48463945) Attached to: Is LTO Tape On Its Way Out?

I still have SDLT tapes that are still readable after 15 years. Hell I have Bernoulli disks that are still readable. The one working like new drive was packed with it along with an assortment of SCSI cables and a current working SCSI to USB adapter and a linux driver on a CD. hopefully if anyone needs to read that data in the future they will figure it out.

I actually did the same thing 3 years ago for a friend. he arrived with a stack of 9 track tapes and a desktop tape drive. Luckily I was able to find an older PC with an ISA slot and installed the card linux had drivers for it and even had the tools to convert the data to standard ASCII. Read all 20 tapes and handed him a DVD disk with the contents of all the tapes. Made a cool $2000 for sitting and watching tape spin. it was cool.

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