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Comment: Re:Crouching Microtransactions, Hidden DRM (Score 1) 247

by Lumpy (#47916529) Attached to: The Growing Illusion of Single Player Gaming

Absolutely. I was going to buy Destiny but waited for the initial reviews. and there are a LOT of people pissed off because it's unplayable if you don't have a super fast internet connection.

So that means that playing in the evening when everyone is streaming Netflix and Hulu you cant freaking play the $70 video game because Bungie is too stupid to realize that not everyone has an OC3 to their house.

So I'm passing on it the same way I passed on titanfall. and it sounds like it's turning into a titanfall "meh" overall review as most of the game is so repetitive that it's not funny.

But then you also have crap games like BattleField 4 that is still so full of bugs that it's unplayable and they don't plan on fixing them. Overall the video game industry is dying, I used to spend at least $120 a month on games, I now haven't bought a new game in 2 months and I have stopped buying 0 day games completely after the bullshit that was Battlefield 4 Alpha-test edition.

Lastly I am done with freaking Online multiplayer. it's full of little 13 year old shitheads that only know how to be bouncing N00b-T00b's.

Comment: Article shows fundamental lack of understanding (Score 4, Interesting) 161

by SuperKendall (#47915837) Attached to: Why Apple Should Open-Source Swift -- But Won't

Whoever wrote that article doesn't understand Swift well, or Apple for that matter:

Swift is designed to support a world built bottom up in Objective-C. It's meant to play well with the bazillion lines of existing Objective-C, not supplant it.

This is totally wrong. Apple could not be more clear that Swift is built to supplant Objective-C. It will take a while to re-write the frameworks but they are encouraging everyone now to write new stuff in Swift, and as rapidly as possible making the bridge over to the Objective-C frameworks as Swift friendly as possible.

I think Apple will not open Swift at the moment because they want to have a small core group directing where the language goes, at least at first... and then it will open up more from there. But that also supports the notion that swift is not an auxiliary language, but the primary path going forward.

Comment: Re:Spoiler (Score 1) 171

by dpilot (#47914369) Attached to: Sci-Fi Authors and Scientists Predict an Optimistic Future

This presumes that people regularly leave the tower, or at least the upper floors of the tower. Science fiction has plengy of examples where Elvis may never leave the building. Probably not workable in today's society, but what if everything needed for daily life could be reached within a few floors.

Think in terms of the arcologies in "Oath of Fealty".

Comment: How does Net Neutrality as proposed solve that? (Score 1) 130

by SuperKendall (#47913503) Attached to: The FCC Net Neutrality Comment Deadline Has Arrived: What Now?

If I, as a third party, want to offer telephone services that use broadband internet (VoIP), Comcast will be able to make my access to their consumers so crap

Well it's a shame then the FCC rules under discussion would have nothing whatsoever to do with that,.

Gosh, I wonder what you are getting if it's not at all what you thought. I wonder what you are getting from an agency intertwined with the cable companies, when you ask them to provide regulation from same companies... Perhaps utterly the opposite of what you wanted?

Comment: That's how they did do it (Score 1) 587

This problem could have been easily avoided. Send iTunes users an announcement that they can go to the store and get the U2 album for free, if they want to.

That's how it worked for everyone that didn't enable auto-downloads of purchases (which is not enabled by default).

I *wanted* the album, and it took me two days to figure out how to get it. It did not appear for me anywhere automatically...

I can't believe people get worked up over being given music for free. Hey guess what, all sorts of free crappy music is in whatever music streaming service you favor also. Why not complain about that?

Comment: Yes, Voyager (Score 4, Funny) 252

by SuperKendall (#47912075) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do After Digitizing VHS Tapes?

They're both still vulnerable to supernovae. You should have at least one backup in another galaxy.

Fun fact, the real reason for the Voyager mission was someone wanted a permanent backup of William Shatner singing "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds". You didn't ever see the back of that record they included with Voyager, did you... now you know why.

Comment: Re:First world problems. (Score 2) 587

by Lumpy (#47907019) Attached to: Apple Outrages Users By Automatically Installing U2's Album On Their Devices

Then dont be a idiot and have "auto download" turned on? This album did not magically appear on any of the 6 apple devices I own. I have to go and download it.

100% of the people complaining are the ones that have no clue how to use technology.

I on the other hand like U2 and then had to take some steps to rip the DRM out and convert to MP3 so I can play it on my HTC ONE M8 and my Android based car stereo. (I carry an iphone and and android daily, so yes I use both ecosystems heavily every day)

Comment: Re:911 was down for us Friday night (Score 1) 587

by Lumpy (#47907003) Attached to: Apple Outrages Users By Automatically Installing U2's Album On Their Devices

Mine doesn't need this 15% swap space. but then I'm not a poor pleebe and I added 16Gb of ram to mine. I'm guessing the uneducated masses still running with 4GB of ram in any computer might need swap space.

All of it is attributed to retarded users. 100%

If you dont know the basics about computers, you dont deserve to own one.

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