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Comment: Re:Wife 1.0 (Score 1) 409

by linux_0x740x750x78 (#29882485) Attached to: What is the Current State of Home Automation?
When trying to prevent iBaby from getting installed on Wife 1.0 you MUST take a layered security approach. 1. Install invisible filtering bridge in front of Wife 1.0's gateway. 2. Install Squid proxy on filtering bridge so you can track Wife 1.0's surfing habits. 3. Configure Wife 1.0's firewall to drop ALL PACKETS INCOMING, OUTGOING, AND FORWARDING! 4. Only allow Your IP address INCOMING access to machine running Wife 1.0. Dropping FORWARDING packets is important, otherwise iBaby might get installed on another machine.

Comment: Re:For How Long? (Score 1) 289

by linux_0x740x750x78 (#24479429) Attached to: Linux Pre-Installs In the UK Hit 2.8%
Hang on I wanna try.$format c:$bash: format: command not found$format /?$bash: format: command not found$cd c:$bash: cd: c:: No such file or directory Wow!! My PC is running without even having a c: drive. Linux really is cool! too funny! I think someone needs to turn in their geek card.

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