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Comment: NIMBY's (Score 4, Informative) 631

by linguizic (#38290304) Attached to: <em>MythBusters</em> Bust House
I guess the NIMBY's were right... ...but anyway, the Alameda County bomb range is in a fairly populated area. I'm amazed this hasn't happened before. Here's a map of the area. Point A is approximately where it landed, which is not far from the park and ride I used to use. The dark brown patches to the northwest of A is where the bomb range is.

Comment: Re:You thought the GOP/TP represented regular peop (Score 2) 528

by linguizic (#34602448) Attached to: Republicans Create Rider To Stop Net Neutrality

Reality has a pronounced liberal bias.

I'm a liberal (well, leftist libertarian) and I really hate hearing people say that. It's an easy thing to say, and an easy thing to believe, which is why everyone thinks the facts support their views. Please just don't say it, it's cheap. It walls off the possibility of being wrong and being able to change your opinion based on the facts, which is central to classical Liberalism. The correct way to put it is that "Liberalism has a pronounced reality bias."

Comment: Re:Discount the above (Score 1) 1352

by linguizic (#34580368) Attached to: Survey Shows That Fox News Makes You Less Informed
I would say that you are a Centrist Libertarian. But you have to realize that Libertarianism is an ideal in the two axis political spectrum. What I was pointing out was that in no way does Fox News fall within the Libertarian spectrum. I myself lean more towards Anarchism (leftist libertarianism).

Comment: Re:Discount the above (Score 5, Insightful) 1352

by linguizic (#34579230) Attached to: Survey Shows That Fox News Makes You Less Informed
What puts a bur up my butt is the assertion that Fox News is Libertarian when in fact it is 100% Authoritarian Statist Conservative. True libertarians are against the PATRIOT Act, the Iraq War, Medicaid Part D, the banned use of new stem cell lines, and are FOR abortion rights. Fox News does not qualify under any of these. I wish people would stop throwing the word "Libertarian" around so willy-nilly. The KKK used to use that word too, even though equal right is a fundamental tenant of Libertarianism. It gets used to mean "I'm against the things that I don't like, and the rest of the country is for the things I don't like, so I'm against them". Fuck that, I'm sick of this shit. Assholes like that ruined the idea of state's rights by hiding behind it any time they were told they can't systematically fuck people over just because they are different. Now we have a bunch of liberals who are Federalist Liberals because the states rights issue is now associated with those fuck wads. What those liberals don't seem to understand is that they can all move to the coasts, legalize pot, abortion, and put socialist principles into practice while the next state over is free to the exact opposite and we can all live in our separate worlds in peace and harmony. The same goes for these holier than thou Christian Theocrats. YOU CAN HAVE MISSISSIPPI ALL YOU WANT JUST DON'T LET IT AFFECT ME IN MY STATE OF CHOICE. God damn it this pisses me off.

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