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Locating the Real MySQL 335

Posted by kdawson
from the place-your-bets dept.
An anonymous reader writes "In a blog post, Patrick Galbraith, an ex-core engineer on the MySQL Server team, raises the question: "What is the official branch of MySQL?" With Monty Widenius having left Sun and forked off MySQL for MariaDB, and Brian Aker running the Drizzle fork inside of Sun, where is the official MySQL tree? Sun may own the trademark, but it looks like there is doubt as to whether they are still the maintainers of the actual codebase after their $1B acquisition of the code a year ago. Smugmug's Don MacAskhill, who is the keynote at the upcoming MySQL Conference, has commented that he is now using the Percona version of MySQL, and is no longer relying on Sun's."

TomTom Settles With Microsoft 273

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the caves-not-just-for-bears dept.
Surrounded writes "It appears TomTom bowed to the pressure and settled with Microsoft over the recent patent infringement claims from the Redmond software giant. In the agreement, TomTom will pay Microsoft for coverage under the eight car navigation and file management systems patents in the Microsoft case. Also as part of the agreement, Microsoft receives coverage under the four patents included in the TomTom counter-suit. TomTom also has to remove functionality related to two file management system patents (the 'FAT LFN patents')."
Internet Explorer

+ - IE7 and Firefox could be target of hackers

Submitted by
Vinit writes "Michal Zalewski, a security researcher has found flaws in IE7 and Firefox which could be the next target of hackers. The flaws will lead users to malicious websites controlled by hackers, thus allowing them to grab files from your hard drive. Microsoft has already confirmed the flaw and said, "the company is taking appropriate action." In addition to the above mentioned flaw, Firefox is vulnerable to another severe flaw which allow hackers to alter cookies stored on a computer. It indicates that display of some sites could be tempered. Firefox has already come up with a fix which will be released soon. _could_be_target_of_hackers_who_can_play_with_your _hard_drive.php"

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