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It killed my arch linux installation  Tuesday August 26, 2014 @07:57PM  1
   attached to Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide
Early societies were egalitarian?  *Thursday August 14, 2014 @12:33PM  1
   attached to The Benefits of Inequality
This is not a full cure  *Sunday August 10, 2014 @03:36PM  1
   attached to Experimental Drug Compound Found To Reverse Effects of Alzheimer's In Mice
It's not that much  *Wednesday August 06, 2014 @04:48PM  1
   attached to Big Bang Actors To Earn $1M Per Episode
Not the first cockpit without a front window  *Tuesday July 08, 2014 @04:27PM  1
   attached to Airbus Patents Windowless Cockpit That Would Increase Pilots' Field of View
The article didn't say what consitutes "subsidies"  *Tuesday July 08, 2014 @03:02AM  1
   attached to Study: Global Warming Solvable If Fossil Fuel Subsidies Given To Clean Energy
Depends where you are in life  *Thursday June 26, 2014 @04:59PM  1
   attached to Workaholism In America Is Hurting the Economy
Re: Sure, why not?  *Monday February 17, 2014 @04:09PM  1
   attached to Obama To Ask For $1 Billion Climate Change Fund
Re:Then Fire Him  *Saturday December 14, 2013 @08:35PM  1
   attached to NSA Head Asks How To Spy Without Collecting Metadata
Re:Youtube?  *Saturday December 14, 2013 @08:24PM  1
   attached to Bots Now Account For 61% of Net Traffic
Re:But..  *Friday November 08, 2013 @03:32AM  1
   attached to Global Biological Experiment Generates Exciting New Results
It won't stop all trolls  *Thursday August 22, 2013 @01:43PM  1
   attached to Huffington: Trolls Uglier Than Ever, So We're Cutting Off Anonymous Commenting
Re:How many hard drives?  *Friday July 26, 2013 @10:32PM  1
   attached to NSA Utah Data Center Blueprints Reveal It Holds Less Than Thought
Re:Win modem  *Thursday May 09, 2013 @07:22PM 1 1
   attached to WD Explains Its Windows-Only Software-Based SSHD Tech
Doesn't explain dry climates  *Tuesday January 22, 2013 @02:51AM  1
   attached to Researchers Explain Why Flu Comes In the Winter
Re:Where does extra energy go?  *Saturday January 19, 2013 @11:20PM  1
   attached to Mathematical Breakthrough Sets Out Rules For More Effective Teleportation
Re:Color me unimpressed  *Sunday December 16, 2012 @10:24AM  1
   attached to Seattle To Get Gigabit Fiber To the Home and Business
Re:Gotta keep moving  *Saturday October 27, 2012 @09:13PM  1
   attached to Algal Biofuels Not Ready For Scale-Up
What about power requirements to run a linac?  *Tuesday September 25, 2012 @05:34PM 1 1
   attached to Accelerator Driven Treatment of Nuclear Waste
Re:Cows eat Grass  *Tuesday September 25, 2012 @05:37PM  1
   attached to Sweet Times For Cows As Gummy Worms Replace Corn Feed
Re:Amazing!  *Tuesday July 31, 2012 @01:07PM  1
   attached to Images Show Apollo Moon Flags Still Standing
Re:One word  *Sunday July 29, 2012 @05:41PM 1 1
   attached to Can a Regular Person Repair a Damaged Hard Drive?
Re:Nuke it from orbit  *Sunday July 29, 2012 @05:56AM 1 1
   attached to Ask Slashdot: How To Clean Up My Work Computer Before I Leave?
It doesn't make a big difference for HDDs  *Monday July 23, 2012 @07:37AM  1
   attached to Asus Delivers Speed Boost With USB Attached SCSI Protocol

How many hardware guys does it take to change a light bulb? "Well the diagnostics say it's fine buddy, so it's a software problem."