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Melting Arctic Ice Has Consequences 466

Posted by kdawson
from the darn-it-I-really-liked-polar-bears dept.
OriginalArlen writes to tell us about some compelling global warming coverage in the Washington Post. First there is an article about a study indicating that melting Arctic ice is threatening polar bears with extinction. The article quotes an environmentalist: "This study is the smoking gun. Skeptics, polluting industries and President Bush can't run away from this one." And the polar melting is opening new shipping lanes. The second article details a trip late in October through the Northwest Passage by a Canadian icebreaker. Never before in history could this trip have been accomplished so late in the year; ice would have choked off the passage. Estimates of when the passage might be navigable by commercial shipping range from 2020 to the end of the century. The indigeneous people are not looking forward to this development.
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Journal: 9/11 conspiracy idiots

Journal by lheal

The 9/11 conspiracy theorists use all manner of phony logic to arrive at their loony conclusions. They suppose solutions that intentionally violate the principle of simplicity (Occam's Razor) and numerous instances of unknown cause and effect.

Who flew the planes? If it was all done by remote, who
pointed the mouse? Did the same person install and engage the remote-control mechanism? What about the supposed explosives?

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Journal: Slashdot, the anti-insomnia

Journal by lheal

I'm awake because I had chocolate on my ice cream. It sucks not to be a kid any more.

I'm cleaning up my friends & foes on Slashdot, an activity I discerned to carry a marginally higher priority than filing my toenails or practicing my penmanship.


Journal: Suggestion for Microsoft 1

Journal by lheal
(I posted a version of this today as a reply to someone's comment expressing doubt about Microsoft's true level of interest in securing their software).

To Microsoft, security is about features. A builtin "firewall", VPN, encryption of this or that, trusted something or other. Applets and wizards.

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Journal: Cleaning Keyboards

Journal by lheal

I regularly clean the keyboards of computers that come to me for various fixes. I started doing it because some keyboards are so foul that I don't want to touch them without some kind of powerful cleaning agent nearby.

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Journal: The Internet, Al Gore, and Universal Myopia 3

Journal by lheal

When Al Gore, Jr. got to Congress in 1976, the Internet was already experiencing exponential growth. People were discovering the benefits of connecting computers together, much the way their forebears discovered that yes, they could find a use for a telephone in their home after all.


Journal: Security is a matter of opinion

Journal by lheal

The time to deal with the PHB and the security consultant is before the report comes. Define a level of security your company finds acceptable.

It doesn't take much to quickly set the right tone for a security audit. Even the Pointiest of HBs can understand the basic rules:

A good supervisor can step on your toes without messing up your shine.