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Comment: Re:Mapping the Nematode? (Score 1) 44

by lexman098 (#47277875) Attached to: First Movie of an Entire Brain's Neuronal Activity

You're not "back to square one", you've just done 99.9% of the job of killing the cancer, pretty much any other anti-cancer method will finish the job for you.

It's possible that at some point before a tumor developed there were 99.9% of cells that should have killed themselves actually doing so. The .1% multiplied into a tumor because there was nothing stopping it. The guy that replied to you was making the point that nature has already created multiple (I think 7 or so) mechanisms to get cells to kill themselves and eventually they all fail one by one due to mutation. Your expensive "inject every cell nucleus" method might fail just the same.

That's not to say it isn't worth pursuing. It could be very effective, but just remember all the other ways nature has already tried to do what you're doing before you get too excited

Comment: Re:Just Tack on a Fee (Score 1) 626

by lexman098 (#47049251) Attached to: Driverless Cars Could Cripple Law Enforcement Budgets

Instead of employing people as patrol cops, they can instead work as artists or scientists or something that makes the world better instead of being a necessary evil.

My neighbors and I are willing to pay a decent amount to keep bad drivers in line. Who will pay for the new art that's created by these would-be cops?

Happiness is a positive cash flow.