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Comment: Re:Seiki (Score 2) 330

by lexman098 (#49040763) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Affordable Large HD/UHD/4K "Stupid" Screens?
I have this model in 50". For the price I don't regret it at all, but I'm not sure how people are using these things as computer monitors. Mine makes a buzzing when it's on, which is fine if I'm watching TV because you can't hear it over the TV audio. In a quiet room though it would be very irritating.

Comment: Re:Focus on K-12, stop funding college (Score 1) 170

by lexman098 (#48983779) Attached to: Study Predicts 9% Drop In Salaries of New CS Grads This Year

Stop funding college education for everyone. No government support for student loans; no free college from taxpayer money.

This is a horrible idea.

When the businesses sweat, tell them ... tell them we have workers here, and that they can certainly find our fine, educated young men chomping at the bit, ready to take low salaries and transfer time-consuming grunt work off those high-salaried professionals while their employer works with them and funds their further education.

Except they won't. We're in a more globalized economy than ever before. The tech industry here doesn't have to exist here specifically, and it's continually outsourcing whenever possible. The saving grace is that those educated here are usually more qualified and higher quality, even compared to most H1Bs.

Making it more difficult to get the education needed to be competitive is the last thing we should be doing. Maybe instead of eliminating college subsidies we just eliminate the art history subsidies.

putting high risks on the individual, demanding they speculate on the greater market, take on the risk of unemployment themselves, go years without building their career to get an education, and then hope that everyone else didn't see the same opportunity and speculate the same way and flood the market.

More people qualified to create valuable, exportable products is never a bad thing (assuming it isn't an immediate influx). An industry can shrink or grow based on available talent.

it benefits the poor least by burdening them with the consequences of dicking around in college hoping for a future career when they could be trying to get into their career now, immediately, for pay

You mean a career at mcdonalds? This may be true if you're really "dicking around", but if you're studying hard for a quality education then yes it does benefit the poor. Education is the best way to lift anyone out of poverty.

Businesses ultimately pay for the education of their graduates through salary. It's true that it would be nice to get businesses to invest more in education directly, but eliminating government subsidies is not the way.

Comment: Re:Don't trust any of them ... (Score 1) 82

by lexman098 (#48973665) Attached to: Samsung Set To Launch Mobile Payment System With Galaxy S6 At MWC
You realize any establishment has your credit card info potentially forever if you've ever bought anything from them using your card? Trust in who you give your card to isn't what the system is built on. It's trust in the issuer of the card to not hold you liable for fraudulent transactions.

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