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Comment: Re:Is there a new game coming out? (Score 1) 130

by lexman098 (#48820389) Attached to: PC Shipments Are Slowly Recovering
To answer the question in your title, yes. GTA 5 is coming out for PC pretty soon which I've been looking forward to playing on my sofa along with a bunch of other single player games. This along with having a new cheap 4K TV motivated me to get a new wicked powerful gaming box for the living room (about 600 bucks).

Comment: Re:Lollipop = Windows Vista (Score 1) 437

by lexman098 (#48767349) Attached to: Is Kitkat Killing Lollipop Uptake?

Part of the problem is that Lollipop offers little new, but does destroy existing functionality. Google Calendar is much less usable than before. Personal and business email is now handled by the same application, making it much more difficult to keep private and business separate. Etc..

What? Google Calendar comes from the play store and should be the same on any version of android. I use business email and gmail, which are managed by separate apps. I'm not sure what you've been smoking. Lollipop doesn't reduce any functionality aside from Xposed. I've never run into a single app that works KitKat but not Lollipop (including my own).

Comment: Re:Amazon phone is the Apple/Google Frankenstein (Score 1) 155

by lexman098 (#48757043) Attached to: The Fire Phone Debacle and What It Means For Amazon's Future
You're missing the point, even though you stated it perfectly.

There are other cheap Android phones you can buy that offer more than the Amazon phone.

This is all it comes down to. People are going to pay high dollar for a weird 3rd party OS, hardware gimmicks, and lock-in unless the price is right. That's why the earlier cheap kindle tablets succeeded and the overpriced phone failed.

Comment: Re:I think the relevant points got left out... (Score 1) 114

by lexman098 (#48611907) Attached to: Apple and Samsung Already Working On A9 Processor

Nobody was else even /sampling/ 64 bit arm processors. Most did not even have 64 bit on their roadmap save a few server targeted chips.

Very forward looking behavior from apple. You're going to need 64 bit to use more than 2GB of ram without major pain (32 bit addressing is a bitch and workarounds are slow)

Nobody was sampling because 64 bits literally doesn't matter in the mobile space until you start needing more than 4GB of RAM. I'm sure Apple still appreciates all your support though.

Comment: Re:Seems like it, not really. Four gigabit provide (Score 1) 137

by lexman098 (#48549249) Attached to: Tesla Wants Texas Auto Sales Regulations Loosened
OK, now let's not choose one of the largest cities in the US/Texas. I've been living in various cities in North Carolina for 10 years now and never had anywhere close to 8 choices for broadband. Even in the capital, Raleigh, there was Time Warner Cable, slow DSL, and *maybe* U-Verse (if you were lucky enough to live in the right neighborhood, I wasn't). I have a feeling this is much more representative than Austin TX where Google has set up shop.

Comment: Re:Freedom of assembly (Score 1) 341

by lexman098 (#48533735) Attached to: New Effort To Grant Legal Rights To Chimpanzees Fails

Leadership of companies can still go to prison.

Unless it's massive corruption they generally don't. Normally the company is charged a fine, shareholders lose a tiny bit of value, and life goes on. Meanwhile, peaceful protestors are routinely arrested. I don't think your analogy matches reality.

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