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Comment Re:Oops (Score 1) 654

It's unfortunately too late for that. People will install generic ad blockers anyway because so many other sites don't have lightweight ads. Classic case of "tragedy of the commons".

I actually like the idea of AdBlockPlus extorting money from ad networks in exchange for unobtrusive ads. The websites get paid because the ads aren't blocked, the users still get what they want (no annoying ads), and the AdBlockPlus engineers suck more money from the ad industry (the more expensive the ad, the higher quality it will be).

Comment Re:password resets are a horrible weak link too. (Score 1) 131

In the USA they recently rolled out "Chip and Pin" technology for credit cards but decided that "Chip and Pin" was too inconvenient so instead just made it "Chip" so that when/if they ever implement "Chip and Pin" they will have to retrain everyone a second time (aka won't happen anytime soon)

It's actually worse than that. They gave everyone cards with a chip, but the vast majority of retailers still require swiping the card. The terminals support reading the chip, but you can't use it even if you want to.

Comment Re:Why not self-driving trains first? (Score 1) 143

There's no need for pilots and co-pilots on commercial passenger airlines any more. But take the pilot out of the cockpit and a lot of people ain't gonna fly anywhere.

Not sure where you got that. Flying a huge passenger plane through dense, highly controlled airspace isn't nearly the same as flying a drone over Afghanistan. Not to mention getting approved by the Feckless Aviation Administration.

Comment Re:The winner? (Score 1) 61

Those 3rd parties should be required to provide working drivers for the hardware in their phone, in source form, and whoever maintains the OS (Google I suppose, or maybe some industry co-operation) should take it from there.

Are you advocating that Google make their OS inherently compatible with all manufacturers that give them the source to their drivers or that the manufacturer should make the source to their drivers public? Neither of those are ever going to happen.

The situation is a quagmire of Google not having control of the hardware while most manufacturers don't care to update the software. Apple of course gets around this by controlling both, but that's not exactly desirable either from my standpoint. The same problem exists with Windows where a new version (XP->Vista/7, 7->8/10) causes drivers to break and manufacturers are required to update their software for the new OS.

The solution is actually pretty simple. Either A) make your purchasing decision based on the *current* feature set and treat any updates as gravy or B) make sure to purchase from a manufacturer with a good track record of releasing updates.

Comment Re:Money, sorry to say (Score 1) 249

Putting lots of money into a superPAC (ie: ad campaign for the politicians it gets donated to) is just a giant waste of money which ironically is what the GW deniers say is the biggest problem with supporting a solution. It's true that without a superPAC it probably won't get much traction, but the same is true for ending the war on drugs. You're confusing a symptom with the original problem which is of course Citizens United.

Comment Re:What is the point of this article? (Score 1) 164

(And if you're curious, most LTE implementations use OFDMA. Mathematically it's a lot like CDMA, except using orthogonal frequencies instead of orthogonal codes. The orthogonality is what allows you to pick out a specific phone's signal even though all phones are transmitting simultaneously.

That's really not at all true. Here. OFDMA just increases the usable frequency range for FDMA, which splits users into different bands (channels). In CDMA all users take a lot of bandwidth and the receiver filters them out using codes or somesuch.

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