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Comment Re:What is the point of this article? (Score 1) 164

(And if you're curious, most LTE implementations use OFDMA. Mathematically it's a lot like CDMA, except using orthogonal frequencies instead of orthogonal codes. The orthogonality is what allows you to pick out a specific phone's signal even though all phones are transmitting simultaneously.

That's really not at all true. Here. OFDMA just increases the usable frequency range for FDMA, which splits users into different bands (channels). In CDMA all users take a lot of bandwidth and the receiver filters them out using codes or somesuch.

Comment Re:SolidWorks and Word (Score 1) 889

You're quoting from the 2012 version (which is rated gold btw). From the 2014 version (bronze for some reason) it says:

What works

Almost everything, the core modeling functions are usable for production work.

It's true though, the program is not made for Linux and will always have some issues (minor or not). Upgrading will be a pain etc. My point was just that you could use it as a daily-driver OS if you were stubborn enough, and that games are really what requires full support.

Comment Re:The problem is Android (Score 1) 208

The problem is Google Play Services. As much as Google pushes their documentation and API notes about saving battery life, they take none of their own advice. GPServices will create hundreds of alarms (device wakeups) and wakelocks for syncing and tracking your location etc.

Fortunately this can be fixed if you're at least rooted. With tasker you can have sync automatically turn on and off (or the entire data connection) to limit usage. If your bootloader is unlocked you can install xposed with the Amplify module to literally put an exact limit on the rate of alarms and wakelocks. The Greenify module helps too. With light usage on a G3 my battery drains 2%/hr. After that it's all the screen, and I notice a lot of people never turn their screen off and just wait for it to timeout which adds up throughout the day.

Comment Re:A comparison would be good (Score 2) 319

The most recent time I was already on an introductory rate ($45/mo for 30 megabit) but found an even lower intro ($34/mo for same) rate at the competing ISP. Person1 had the audacity to say "I think you're already getting a pretty good rate". I was tempted to not even give them the opportunity to keep my subscription at that point.

Maybe he was right. And if another company was offering the same for less, maybe you should have taken them up on it instead of giving your business to the ones that make you wait on hold for an hour every year. Never price-match. Reward the companies that are providing the lower price to begin with.

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