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Comment: Re:What about compilation. (Score 1) 143 143

This, this, a thousand times this.

You can look at the source code all you like, but unless you can *use* that source code to build your own binaries and redistribute them, then that means absolutely nothing in terms of security.

The products you buy off the shelf may or may not have any relation to the code you looked at.

That's why Free Software is so important for security-sensitive applications. Not only do you get to look, you get to modify it and redistribute.

+ - Samba user survey results - Improve the documentation !->

Jeremy Allison - Sam writes: Mark Muehlfeld of the Samba Team recently surveyed our user base and recently reported the results at the SambaXP conference in Germany.

They make fascinating reading, and include all the comments on Samba made by our users. Short answer — we must improve our documentation. Here are the full results:



                Jeremy Allison,
                Samba Team.

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+ - UMG v Grooveshark settled, no money judgment against individuals

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: UMG's case against Grooveshark, which was scheduled to go to trial Monday, has been settled. Under the terms of the settlement (PDF), (a) a $50 million judgment is being entered against Grooveshark, (b) the company is shutting down operations, and (c) no money judgment at all is being entered against the individual defendants.

Comment: Re:Let's not forget Mercurial (Score 1) 203 203

It might be a good product, but don't forget one of the strengths of git is that a lot of people are familiar with it and its uses.

Other product might be good, but the learning curve might make it that people choose familiar over best tool for the job.

-- if you have hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Comment: Re:Good. +1 for Google. (Score 1) 176 176

There are some mistakes.
" CAs used to be meticulous about who they signed certs for.". what you say may be misunderstood., what signing is used for in most of the times. They sign that you are who you say you are. Not about who. you can get crooksincorperated.com, or mikerowsoft.com signed very simple if you own the corresponding domain. Even if it is signed you might not be able to find the owner of that site. The certificate only proves the data is not modified.

What went wrong here is that MCS got the certificate to create more certificates, and MCS did not protect that cert very well. You know what happened in egypt with internet? It got monitored to be very simple. Maybe with help of the MCS proxy device.

+ - Conservancy Announces Funding for GPL Compliance Lawsuit->

Jeremy Allison - Sam writes: From the article:

Software Freedom Conservancy announces today Christoph Hellwig's lawsuit against VMware in the district court of Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany. This is the regretful but necessary next step in both Hellwig and Conservancy's ongoing effort to convince VMware to comply properly with the terms of the GPLv2, the license of Linux and many other Open Source and Free Software included in VMware's ESXi products.

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Comment: Re:The HDMI dongle I want (Score 1) 106 106

Another "feature" brought to you by the poisonous gift of software patents.

Dongle vendors don't want the potential of getting Microsoft knocking on their door asking for royalties by including (or even just turning on) the CIFS client in the Linux kernel they all ship.

Thanks Microsoft ! Great job on promoting SMB technology !

Fuckers (not the Microsoft engineers, with whom I have a *great* relationship - I mean Microsoft legal).

Comment: Re:Predictable failure. (Score 1) 258 258

You are referring to loosing a sector on the platter. That is exactly what the study assumes. loose a sector (detect that and do somtething with that ) or loose the disk.(have But there might be much more failure modes.
-power fluctuation.
-memory problems
-Software problems. (Ever seen the SAN in a big compy having problems... yup, some configuration issue)

Comment: Predictable failure. (Score 1) 258 258

It also assumes a normal failure of drives. However modern drives do not always fail normal. They develop slow spots, timeouts from which they might recover.

Also the software to create the redundancy might fail, of it might fail if you do not update the firmware.

And I am not even talking about catastropic failure. When a drive overheats you might want to remove it from the datacenter.

Comment: Re:Limitations (Score 1) 449 449

You are not wrong, but the point is that parralel system can scale the number of cpu's ftom 4 to 1000. However the same locking mechanisms used for 4 way parralelism are not useful in 1000 way parralelism. You need different techniques then. The linus rant is pointeda current programming techniquess that scale to 4-16 cores, but start to loose a lot of efficientcy at more cores.

By the way, some synamic pipeway already exists a long time. Think about hyperthreading. 2 threads share1 core. second thread is optional to keep the cpu busy when one thread could not. Also cache might be local to one or more cores. This is also a way of dynamic pipeline.

What is now proved was once only imagin'd. -- William Blake