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Comment Re:Management (Score 1) 210

And most managers are doing some kind of stand up board nowadays. Put that graph from your bug tracking system up there, and it might get more attention.

Some of these bugs are old now, but are never removed. They either need to be removed, or removed from the bug tracker. Bugs that still are in the state of "it does not work" with enough detail. need to be removed.

Comment yup. (Score 2) 84

O cannot see the difference between one root ceritifcate owned my symatic/verisign, and an othter. So they just went bad on one root, they just move their bad practice to an other root CA they own.

Ban all verisign(=symatic) CA issued from now on!

Submission + - GPL Enforcement under threat. Support Conservancy fundraiser. (

Jeremy Allison - Sam writes: "Some companies have withdrawn from funding us and some have even successfully pressured conferences to cancel or prevent talks on our enforcement work. We do this work because we think that it is good for everyone in the long run, because we know it is the right thing to do, and because we know that we are in the best position to do it. But that's not enough — you have to think it's right too and show us by becoming a Supporter now."

Submission + - Software Freedom Conservancy asks for supporters

paroneayea writes: Software Freedom Conservancy has is asking people to join as supporters to save both their basic work and GPL enforcement. Conservancy is the steward of projects like it, Samba, Wine, BusyBox, QEMU, Inkscape, Selenium, and many more. Conservancy also does much work around GPL enforcement and needs 2,500 members to join in order to save copyleft compliance work. You can join as a member here.

Comment Re:"Software Defined" Buzzword (Score 1) 42

All the innovations described in that paper are power Usage optimizations. Battery is still considered a source that has a number of energy units. For usage optimization that works. However, as more and more of a battery is understood, there are more parameters of a battery you can optimize: charging and storage behavior.

Comment Re:Righthaven (Score 1) 67

What is right wing about filing a lawsuit to unmask a doe, suing that person, then settling for a much smaller amount. It seems this is used by many different trolls, and likely doesn't have any political ideology behind it. It is sleazy though. Filing a lawsuit with the intention of settling just to get a payout is wrong. It is short circuiting the justice system for personal profit.

Yeah that's neither right nor left, it's the universal language of greedy bloodsuckers.

Comment Re:Righthaven (Score 3, Interesting) 67

What is right wing about that process? The Democrats support the movie industry, not the Republicans.

The fact that Democrats support something doesn't negate the possibility of something being right wing. The Democrats are not ideologically pure, or ideologically homogenous, and very few of them can be considered "left".

To me, pretending that copyright is only about property rights, and ignoring the fact that copyright was also supposed to be about free speech and about making material available for free to the public after a limited time, is definitely "right wing".

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