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Comment Re:This was known a long time (Score 1) 618

This behavior was known from a test some year s ago. VW did a voluntary callback for a software update. Now this cheat still happens. This is nothing that suddenly happened, this is that state regulator that has draw a line in the sand and said "till here and not futher". Do you think that if some engineer explained that there was a software malfunction if it was strapped in testing? And that the people who took that call understood it was a "defeat device"

Did you see anyone trying to calculate how many deaths this has cost because of small particle dust?

In Europe we still use decades old tests to determine fuel usage (= co2 exhaust). It is known that cars behave different in such test than in real life. why? rules....

Comment Re:Isn't Flash extinct? (Score 0) 199

The one reason that flash does not run on the iPhone is that a man with a black collar did not want all kind of flash games on his phone, he wanted to sell those games native from the app-store, and take a percentage on that.

But since flash is no longer a 99% cross platform solution people tend to look for solutions that are more cross platform.

(beside that, linux and android run old version that i doubt about security..)

Comment Re:Let's not forget Mercurial (Score 1) 203

It might be a good product, but don't forget one of the strengths of git is that a lot of people are familiar with it and its uses.

Other product might be good, but the learning curve might make it that people choose familiar over best tool for the job.

-- if you have hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Comment Re:Good. +1 for Google. (Score 1) 176

There are some mistakes.
" CAs used to be meticulous about who they signed certs for.". what you say may be misunderstood., what signing is used for in most of the times. They sign that you are who you say you are. Not about who. you can get, or signed very simple if you own the corresponding domain. Even if it is signed you might not be able to find the owner of that site. The certificate only proves the data is not modified.

What went wrong here is that MCS got the certificate to create more certificates, and MCS did not protect that cert very well. You know what happened in egypt with internet? It got monitored to be very simple. Maybe with help of the MCS proxy device.

Comment Re:Predictable failure. (Score 1) 258

You are referring to loosing a sector on the platter. That is exactly what the study assumes. loose a sector (detect that and do somtething with that ) or loose the disk.(have But there might be much more failure modes.
-power fluctuation.
-memory problems
-Software problems. (Ever seen the SAN in a big compy having problems... yup, some configuration issue)

Comment Predictable failure. (Score 1) 258

It also assumes a normal failure of drives. However modern drives do not always fail normal. They develop slow spots, timeouts from which they might recover.

Also the software to create the redundancy might fail, of it might fail if you do not update the firmware.

And I am not even talking about catastropic failure. When a drive overheats you might want to remove it from the datacenter.

Never trust an operating system.