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Comment: Re:Antivirus (Score 1) 122

by leuk_he (#47495893) Attached to: Critroni Crypto Ransomware Seen Using Tor for Command and Control

All trojans/bots/ransomsware is designed to circumvent antivirus. It is a arms wars between viri and anti-virus. At the moment the viri are winning it :(.

And there is a nasty side effect: real legit tor usage will be detected as malware suspect by antivirus software. So if you have a "good"reason to use tor you might have to disable anti-virus

Comment: Re:Safe Buffer? (Score 2) 65

Why still program in C? Simple: C is easy to glue to everything, just because it assumes not too much about the data structures. And because you have reinvent data validation ( safe buffers) for every interface again, there is a huge risk there.

The obvious solution is to use proven libraries for these problems (opensll, libzzo ;) . However if one of these libraries has a bug, (or is not obvious to use) the problem is in many programs at once.

Comment: Re:"causes fragmented data (Score 2) 68

If data is fragmented over multiple blocks, It requires mulitple reads. But this kind of fragmentation is not as bad as HDD where you had a seek time of 7-8 ms. Matching the block size of the SDD to the block sie of the FS is an effective performance enhancement.

Modern SDD have read limits. Every 10.000 reads or so the data has to be refreshed. The firmware will do this silent.

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In some test by the TU delft the autonomous cars test are now foucsing on how the driver takes over from the car. The coming of autonomous cars will come fluent. First there will be advanced lane asist and takeover of tasks that are easy for computers. And of course the driving in a "train" with minimal space between cars. More and more functions will be added.

Fully autonomous will be a long way to go. e.g. to determine the last street where you want to go might be a very hard task. GPS navigations rarely guides you to the exact position, where to park, and the exact house is a complicated task.

Comment: Re:Interesting technique and results... (Score 1) 86

by leuk_he (#46989221) Attached to: Researchers Find, Analyze Forged SSL Certs In the Wild

Should they flag them? No, flagging too much will cause the users to just ignore the messages. And for most facebook communication http traffic will be just as good as https traffic.

But it should note that the security is as good as http traffic, in other words, do not display a lock.

By the way, think about it, security devices. Security for you? Did you pay those devices? No, it is security for those who pay for the devices.

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by leuk_he (#46877247) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Back Up Physical Data?

What i have actually know of was the chicken or the egg problem. To get access to their bank account (after a robbery) people needed ID. But to get a new (emergency) ID, the town hall needed money to pay for that. Normally you would know someone to lent the money from, but this person did not have a very good reputation with paying people back.

I myself keep a (medium quality) copy of my drivers license in my car. If i ever get pulled over and forgot my paper i might get of with a warning if i can show the copy.

The value of friends and family is important in such cases.

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