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Comment Re:Management (Score 1) 210

And most managers are doing some kind of stand up board nowadays. Put that graph from your bug tracking system up there, and it might get more attention.

Some of these bugs are old now, but are never removed. They either need to be removed, or removed from the bug tracker. Bugs that still are in the state of "it does not work" with enough detail. need to be removed.

Comment yup. (Score 2) 84

O cannot see the difference between one root ceritifcate owned my symatic/verisign, and an othter. So they just went bad on one root, they just move their bad practice to an other root CA they own.

Ban all verisign(=symatic) CA issued from now on!

Comment Re:"Software Defined" Buzzword (Score 1) 42

All the innovations described in that paper are power Usage optimizations. Battery is still considered a source that has a number of energy units. For usage optimization that works. However, as more and more of a battery is understood, there are more parameters of a battery you can optimize: charging and storage behavior.

Comment Re:"Software Defined" Buzzword (Score 3, Interesting) 42

Just as a software defined datacenter still needs lots of hardware. This is the same definition of software defined. There is plenty hardware available, But instead as using it as"just hardware", or "just a battery" you optimize it as it is used.

e.g. A Li-ion battery has more wear and tear if it is stored at 100% charge. So you only top it off if you expect the user to unplug it soon. (e.g when charging the phone in the night, you to it off an hour before wakeup).

If there are multiple batteries, with different parameters you can optimize for those parameters. And this is a "free"optimization. You get a few percentage extra capacity in the long run, just by exposing the batteries to the OS.

But you should not expect big leaps from this. Batteries are used in portable devices, which are weight and space contrained. with other words: they will have minimal specification.

Comment Re:This was known a long time (Score 1) 618

This behavior was known from a test some year s ago. VW did a voluntary callback for a software update. Now this cheat still happens. This is nothing that suddenly happened, this is that state regulator that has draw a line in the sand and said "till here and not futher". Do you think that if some engineer explained that there was a software malfunction if it was strapped in testing? And that the people who took that call understood it was a "defeat device"

Did you see anyone trying to calculate how many deaths this has cost because of small particle dust?

In Europe we still use decades old tests to determine fuel usage (= co2 exhaust). It is known that cars behave different in such test than in real life. why? rules....

Comment Re:Isn't Flash extinct? (Score 0) 199

The one reason that flash does not run on the iPhone is that a man with a black collar did not want all kind of flash games on his phone, he wanted to sell those games native from the app-store, and take a percentage on that.

But since flash is no longer a 99% cross platform solution people tend to look for solutions that are more cross platform.

(beside that, linux and android run old version that i doubt about security..)

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