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Submission + - Portable self-encrypting WD hard disk not so encrypted after all.

lesincompetent writes: Quoting the abstract should be enough to show how dire the situation is:
We will describe the security model of these devices and show several security weaknesses like RAM leakage, weak key attacks and even backdoors on some of these devices, resulting in decrypted user data, without the knowledge of any user credentials.
Paper by Alendal, Kison and modg is available here in PDF format.

Submission + - Microsoft keeps sneaking in update

lesincompetent writes: How many of you noticed the infamous KB3035583 coming back over and over again even after being manually hidden?
Yes, that's the one that brought us both the free windows 10 upgrade notice and the unwarranted download of up to 6GB of installation files.
For us with no intention of "upgrading" to windows 10, how can we end this frustration once and for all?

Submission + - One quick fix to windows 10 spying

lesincompetent writes: There's an eastern european developer writing a promising windows 10 utility aimed at easily disabling all the unsavory 'features' it contains.
The tech community should really lend a hand.
You can reach out on GitHub:
Disclaimer: i am in no way related to this project.

Submission + - Has the local browser cache become useless? 1

lesincompetent writes: Think about it. In this age of high end hardware and relatively high bandwidth, storing things on a device many orders of magnitude slower than any other is something we should get rid of. Even for static content: is it really worth the disk I\O effort? How much page loading time am i saving? Not to mention the fact that browser caches are among the first causes of system littering. It's been many years now since the last time i had a browser with disk caching enabled on any of my systems (besides chrome, unfortunately, because you can't deactivate it.)

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