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Comment: Linux, Newbies? (Score 1) 120

by leshii (#41118747) Attached to: Arch Linux For Newbies? Manjaro Is Here!
Just installed arch for the first time and in some ways loved it. It has the minimalist feel of Gentoo but without the time taken to compile all of the source. But still has a lot of the work in doing a stage 3 install al be it somewhat quicker. Hmm do I prefer Gentoo or Arch or the ease of something like Ubuntu. I hate all of the crap that is installed with a base install of Ubuntu but if you go with Ubuntu server you can trim it down loads. Then again I Love Gentoo's Portage package management system, it is awesome!!!! pacman is good but does not have le flexability of overlays. Ubuntu provides for adding additional sources which are handled by the builtin package manager. But with arch you have to have wrappers for pacman such as pacaur to install non-official packages which is'nt really intuitive. In so many ways this could be a good thing, bringing a powerful linux system to the masses. But in others a bad thing bringing a powerful tool with out knowing how to use it!

Comment: As long as you are leaving on good terms! (Score 1) 547

by leshii (#40796259) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Clean Up My Work Computer Before I Leave?
OK so you've done nothing wrong and just want to ensure your personal data is removed. Delete everything you know of. Clear cache and cookies. and reset IE settings including personal data. Also do the same with any other browsers you have. Run Spider scan as described here this should pickup and cc/bank details you might have missed and plenty of false positives too but you should be safe to remove all. Then ensure recycle bin is empty and run eraser to erase free space and choose to erase cluster tips and one of the DoD levels of wiping just to be sure. This should do the trick

YouTube, HTML5, and Comparing H.264 With Theora 361

Posted by Soulskill
from the quality-vs-bandwidth dept.
David Gerard writes "Google Chrome includes Ogg support for the <video> element. It also includes support for the hideously encumbered H.264 format. Nice as an extra, but ... they're also testing HTML5 YouTube only for H.264 — meaning the largest video provider on the Net will make H.264 the primary codec and relegate the equally good open format Ogg/Theora firmly to the sidelines. Mike Shaver from Mozilla has fairly unambiguously asked Chris DiBona from Google what the heck Google thinks it's doing." DiBona responded with concerns that switching to Theora while maintaining quality would take up an incredible amount of bandwidth for a site like YouTube, though he made clear his support for the continued improvement of the project. Greg Maxwell jumped into the debate by comparing the quality of Ogg/Theora+Vorbis with the current YouTube implementations using H.263+MP3 and H.264+AAC. At the lower bitrate, Theora seems to have the clear edge, while the higher bitrate may slightly favor H.264. He concludes that YouTube's adoption of "an open unencumbered format in addition to or instead of their current offerings would not cause problems on the basis of quality or bitrate."
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Journal: **No Title**

Journal by leshii
OK just got the oddest experience trying to login to /.
Took me back to the days of my old Amiga 600.
here is the error

Error 503 Service Unavailable
Service Unavailable
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Journal: First comment posted!!

Journal by leshii
Woohoo Just made my first comments post to a slashdot article and have been modded up +5 Informative yeah!!

Comment: Re:Interesting Fact (Score 5, Informative) 461

by leshii (#28294015) Attached to: Periodic Table Gets a New, Unnamed Element
^ As one article puts it, referring to information Seaborg gave in a talk: "The obvious choice for the symbol would have been Pl, but facetiously, Seaborg suggested Pu, like the words a child would exclaim, 'Pee-yoo!' when smelling something bad. Seaborg thought that he would receive a great deal of flak over that suggestion, but the naming committee accepted the symbol without a word." Clark, David L.; Hobart, David E. (2000). "Reflections on the Legacy of a Legend: Glenn T. Seaborg, 1912â"1999" (PDF). Los Alamos Science 26: 56â"61, on 57. Retrieved on 2009-02-15

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