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Comment Re:Get rid of the H1B's / have maternity leave (Score 1) 291

Those will never happen, as those suggestions cost the company money.

Besides, most companies like the status quo and are happy for their female employees to work in Marketing or Sales (where a pretty face can help to get sales) instead of Engineering. This article is more of a bad PR stunt than anything else.

Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 1) 622

Yeah, it's the games that are the data cap killer in my example. When I set up my new XBox One, for example, I downloaded a bunch of game demos during the first few weeks that I had it. I was wondering why the downloads were taking so long (many of them weren't ready to play until the next day), until I realized that I downloaded over 400 GB of data. Thankfully, metering wasn't enabled yet!

Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 1) 622

300 GB might have been plenty in 2008, but now it's easy to go over a cap that small. Download a few (Roughly 50 GB each) games on your XBox or Playstation, download a few Linux distribution DVD's, and watch of couple of dozen 4K TV episodes on Netflix and now you're well on your way to a $50 overage on your new Comcast "data plan".

Comment Re:Flagrantly Dull (Score 1) 37

I do think that it's kinda lame that the robots are still remote controlled like they were in the 90's version of the show. Technology has advanced so much at the past 20 years, but they could probably bring back a flip bot from the old show like Biohazard and still make it into the semi-finals.

They should really offer a weight bonus for anyone who successfully pulls off an AI controlled battlebot. Sure, it will still need a remote control backup if things go wrong, but at least it's adding some technology advancement to the sport.

Comment Re:its a trial, because the FCC wont buy it. (Score 1) 264

I think that the FCC reforms said that you can't throttle an "unlimited" data plan once they get over some usage threshold.

So naturally, Comcast no longer says that their plans are unlimited and give you a usage cap... er usage limit... er... "usage plan" to either follow or pay out the nose to exceed.

Hell, a "usage plan" almost sounds like a good thing to clueless consumers if you don't bother looking at the fine print. It kinda sounds like the various "data plans" that Verizon and AT&T have been using to screw us over for years on our wireless bills.

Comment Re:A Step In The Right Direction (Score 2) 263

I'm not sure if anybody other than the user should be deciding what ads are "acceptable" when using an ad blocker. That's why I like the Adblock extension for Chrome. It doesn't have this "acceptable ads default to on" nonsense built into it, and it's run by a lone guy who accepts donations instead of a for-profit software development company.

Comment Re:Versions have been marketing bullshit for decad (Score 1) 86

Microsoft's version numbering "system" has always been the most confusing to me. They went from actual version numbers (Windows 3, 3.1), to the approximate year they were released (Windows 95, 98, 2000), to weird brand names (XP, Vista), to made up version numbers that aren't actually the real version number reported by the OS * (Windows 7, 8, 8.1), and finally back to an actual version number that matches what the OS says it is (Windows 10).

Bloody hell, man!

* Windows 7 reports as version 6.3 when you use the "ver" command.

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