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Comment: Re:OK Google? (Score 2) 35

by leonbev (#48651921) Attached to: Chromebook Gets "OK Google" and Intel's Easy Migration App

It's a voice search tool that seems to work a hell of a lot better than Siri.

Seriously, find a buddy with an iPhone or newer iPad and try it yourself. Do a search on Siri, and then install the Google app and try the same searches. I consistently get better results with Google.

Siri ends up doing a web search on anything but the most basic of questions, so you might as well just cut out the middle man and ask Google directly.

Comment: Re:Network Level (Score 1) 97

by leonbev (#48640869) Attached to: Staples: Breach May Have Affected 1.16 Million Customers' Cards

It doesn't help that most POS systems that I've recently used at fast food restaurants still run unpatched copies of Windows XP and often have other unpatched systems sitting on the same network switch with them.

That's a PCI compliance violation, by the way, but they never bother to fix it until they fail an audit. The store owners are just too busy slinging fries to learn about IT security or even give a damn about their systems unless they are completely down.

So, yeah, pay cash for your fast food unless you're at some big corporate run store.

Comment: Re:Lawsuit will solve it for sure. (Score 1) 699

by leonbev (#48550021) Attached to: French Publishers Prepare Lawsuit Against Adblock Plus

It certainly didn't end music piracy, but it helped to send it back underground a bit. Limewire was a hell of a lot easier than pulling multipart file archives from a Usenet server, so non technical people could figure out how to use it.

One of the reasons that Adblock is great is that it doesn't require knowledge of things like hosts files to blacklist the hostnames of ad providers. An end user can configure this on their own without any help from a "computer guy".

+ - NASA Orion Capsule Succesfully Lifts off from Florida Space Coast->

Submitted by PaisteUser
PaisteUser (810863) writes "NBC News writes: America's most powerful rocket launched a robotic test version of NASA's Orion deep-space capsule on its first flight on Friday, a day after a series of snags forced a scrub of the first attempt. The United Launch Alliance Delta 4 Heavy rocket's liftoff from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station had to be postponed on Thursday — at first due to gusty winds, and later due to a balky fuel valve. But on Friday, no technical issues or weather snags got in the way of an on-time 7:05 a.m. ET launch, even though the clouds were thick over Florida's Space Coast.

"Liftoff at dawn! The dawn of Orion, for a new era of American space exploration!" launch commentator Mike Curie said as the rocket blasted through the clouds just after sunrise.

Article include a live feed from the NASA TV channel, NTV-1."

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Comment: Bad development, maybe? (Score 1) 516

by leonbev (#48466251) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Is the Power Grid So Crummy In So Many Places?

Maybe the power grid software in that area was designed by the same person who designed "Close, and never show this again" functionality for the Slashdot Deals notification.

Nah... at least the power grid works at least some of the time. I still get that damn Slashdot Deals message every time I visit the site.

Comment: Re:Quite the poker player (Score 1) 285

by leonbev (#48367811) Attached to: U.S. and China Make Landmark Climate Deal

The joke is on China, really. Obama has no chance in getting any CO2 emission legislation passed with a Republican Congress in charge, while China just went on record saying that they're at least going to attempt to reduce their emissions in the future. That's something that they were never willing to say before.

That China statement will come back to haunt them in future climate change negotiations, while Obama can just blame those "evil obstructionist Republicans" for not meeting his end of the bargain.

Comment: Re:These people just didn't know (Score 1) 114

by leonbev (#48367743) Attached to: Groupon Backs Down On Gnome

Do you think that giving the POS terminal the GNOME name was just a piece of viral marketing tactic to begin with?

Think about it.... nobody on Slashdot (or many of the other technology web sites covering this story) would be talking about Groupon's new product if the Gnome team didn't make such a stink about their brand name. Many of the people reading those sites are potential buyers of this product.

Maybe they should call it the "iPOS" next, so all of the Apple news sites will get their chance to talk about the product as well :)

Comment: Re:Answer: No. (Score 1) 232

by leonbev (#48292935) Attached to: Will HP's $200 Stream 11 Make People Forget About Chromebooks?

I'd imagine that the person who did a "-1 Disagree" on this post has never lost data due to a web service suddenly being shut down or signifigantly changed.

I'll bet that a bunch of the former Megaupload customers out there have learned this lesson the hard way. Google is likely to give you more advanced warning than that, but it's still something to be concerned about.

Comment: What a wonderful article (Score 2) 296

by leonbev (#48220085) Attached to: How Sony, Intel, and Unix Made Apple's Mac a PC Competitor

Something tells me that UNIX compatibility had little to do with Mac OS X's growth in popularity. Most end users simply don't really care about the command line. Instead, I'd consider these to be the primary reasons why people started buying a lot more Mac's around 2007:

1) Windows Vista came out around this time, and many people didn't like it. Mac OS X looked like a good alternative in terms of both ease of use and better stability.
2) People were getting sick of seeing their Windows XP systems getting infected with malware, so they switched to the Mac where drive by malware downloads are less of a problem.
3) A lot of people wanted their computer to "just work" like their iPod did. Mac OS X just seemed easier to use to them.

Comment: Re:Maybe you would and maybe you would not. (Score 0, Troll) 111

by leonbev (#48160637) Attached to: Journalists Route Around White House Press Office

You really think so? I bet that Fox News would have a field day if they found out that Mrs. Obama only worked out twice a week considering how hard the administration has been pushing to get mandatory Phys Ed activity requirements in schools.

Likewise, I'm sure that other organizations would love to know how often they eat stuff like Fried Chicken in their private dining quarters as well.

Comment: Re:Developer unhappiness or Marketshare loss? (Score 3, Informative) 229

by leonbev (#48143667) Attached to: The Subtle Developer Exodus From the Mac App Store

This story isn't about the iOS version of the App Store, it's about the Mac OS X version.

Either way, it doesn't surprise me much. When I want a Mac version of an App, I just Google the product name and download the .dmg file from the vendor's download site.

The developers probably like it better that way anyway, since they don't have to wait for Apple to review product updates before they are posted AND they aren't giving Apple a 30% cut of any sales if I decide to buy it after the trial is up.

Comment: Re:Boycott will end this in less than a week (Score 1) 204

by leonbev (#48140283) Attached to: Netflix Video Speed On FiOS Doubles After Netflix-Verizon Deal

You better roll out another broadband option for your neighborhood before starting your "boycott", as The Cable Company (i.e. Verizon and AT&T) and The Phone Company (Time Warner and Comcast) are usually the only two broadband options available for most people.

I'd love to have a third fiber or wireless network option run by my local municipality, but I doubt that it's going to happen considering that the mayor and city council are probably getting campaign donations from the aforementioned Phone Company and Cable Company.

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