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Comment: Re:So can a flock of starlings (Score 1) 138

by leonardluen (#48932329) Attached to: The Quantum Experiment That Simulates a Time Machine

what you don't realize is that the AC in the GP only started posting these comments next week!

but because he is a non-divisible person and not a flock of starlings, or something like that, the posts are going back in time and being attached to random articles about quantum mechanics.


Georgia Institute of Technology Researchers Bridge the Airgap 86

Posted by timothy
from the always-type-in-gibberish dept.
An anonymous reader writes Hacked has a piece about Georgia Institute of Technology researchers keylogging from a distance using the electromagnetic radiation of CPUs. They can reportedly do this from up to 6 meters away. In this video, using two Ubuntu laptops, they demonstrate that keystrokes are easily interpreted with the software they have developed. In their white paper they talk about the need for more research in this area so that hardware and software manufacturers will be able to develop more secure devices. For now, Faraday cages don't seem as crazy as they used to, or do they?

Comment: Re:No Kidding (Score 1) 218

by leonardluen (#48927463) Attached to: Anonymous No More: Your Coding Style Can Give You Away

i could do the same. not only that but i could often also tell who had originally trained that person because often part of the trainers style often leaked into their style.

i work at a university and we hire 100 level CS students. so we generally assumed they knew nothing and trained them from scratch.

Comment: Re:why the fuck (Score 1) 101

Google owns a lot of fiber. something they might be able to provide to Sprint and TMobile that other MVNO's don't is some additional backbone internet bandwidth. if they ink the deal right, this could end up benefiting all 3 companies. Sprint and TMobile could get cheaper bandwidth and Google gets a last mile connection to more devices.

Comment: Re:good grief (Score 1) 217

i like messing with Joe from "The windows corporation". last time he called i wasn't even sitting at a computer and tried to see how long i could play along with them. even described the event viewer screen to them from memory so they could verify i was on the right screen. Only hung up on them because i ran out of time and had to go somewhere.

Comment: Re:Humans are unnecessary (Score 2) 258

what is wrong with biological life? it is self repairing/healing, self replicating, self adapting/evolving, and can learn on its own...

basically all the features that mechanical machines lack, that we would like it to have. it seems the current field of robotics is the dead end. we should be focusing on biological machines.

Comment: Re:The Stupidity of Human Greed (Score 1) 119

by leonardluen (#48724037) Attached to: Bots Scanning GitHub To Steal Amazon EC2 Keys

but the bot operator isn't paying for it, why do they care how efficient it is? if it takes a week worth of cpu time to generate $150 that is still $150 of pure profit for them. at the same time they can probably also sell cycles on the instances they hijacked to spammers or some other group

Comment: Re:von Neumann probes (Score 2) 391

this planet is overrun with microorganisms, everywhere we look, how do we know were aren't the von neumann probes?

we are self replicating, bacterial spores can survive extremely long periods in a vacuum so it stands to reason they could planet hop and there are some theories life here might have come here from mars anyway.

maybe we just can't see the forest for the trees.

We can predict everything, except the future.