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by leonardluen (#47406555) Attached to: Blue Shield Leaks 18,000 Doctors' Social Security Numbers

it wouldn't be an issue if the SSN didn't have to be kept secret. there should be an easily changeable pin that goes with the SSN that you use when you need to apply for a loan or something.

or treat it more like credit card numbers and make it easier to get a new one if it becomes public.

another option issue one time use numbers like some credit card companies do.

there isn't necessarily anything wrong with having a unique identifier for people. the current implementation however is the problem.


Can the NSA Really Track You Through Power Lines? 109

Posted by samzenpus
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mask.of.sanity writes Forensics and industry experts have cast doubt on an alleged National Security Agency capability to locate whistle blowers appearing in televised interviews based on how the captured background hum of electrical devices affects energy grids. Divining information from electrified wires is a known technique: Network Frequency Analysis (ENF) is used to prove video and audio streams have not been tampered with, but experts weren't sure if the technology could be used to locate individuals.

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by leonardluen (#47202963) Attached to: NSF Researcher Suspended For Mining Bitcoin

HPC computing has never been efficient on a cost per performance basis. you pay a large premium for the extra performance. but then certain problems can't be solved with simple commodity hardware.

Heck you can even see this in pricing for consumer level hardware. a certain processor may cost you $x but if you want to upgrade to another one that is just 10% faster it will cost you $2x. do you really need that extra 10%? some people certainly think they do.

as for the guy that stole $150k in computing time to make $8k in bitcoins, i am sure he wasn't paying for the running time on the computer, so why does he care how efficiently it is mining?

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by leonardluen (#47146341) Attached to: Scientists Find Method To Reliably Teleport Data

you don't like the word soul, fine, i guess what i am trying to get at, is does your consciousness transfer? or were you destroyed and a clone that thinks its you and acts like you created.

The real problem is there isn't any evidence to cite on either side of this argument. and defining the "soul" is heavily philosophical and often religious. for the purposes of this argument i guess i am mostly saying it is your thought stream/consciousness. if you stop it on your original body does it resume after you are teleported, or is that just a copy?

i would say this is all related to the ship of theseus even if teleportation of real objects isn't really feasible today, this topic has been debated for centuries.

i know being a TV show this isn't really a good source but Sheldon on Big Bang Theoryunderstands the issue.
i had already formed my opinion long before seeing this.

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by leonardluen (#47129339) Attached to: Scientists Find Method To Reliably Teleport Data

a soul i still an important concept and good area of debate if we ever develop star trek style teleportation. if you strip away all the various religious crap, your "soul" is basically whatever makes you, "you". it is what is controlling your body, thinking your thoughts. there doesn't need to be any magical spirit involved in this concept.

when you come out of a star trek style teleporter is it actually you that comes out complete with your stream of consciousness? or is it just a really detailed copy that looks like you acts like you and thinks it is you and the previous you was destroyed and no longer exists? i don't know about you, but i definitely wouldn't ever voluntarily use a teleporter, except as a last resort. either it transfers the "soul" and everything is fine or what comes out is a very detailed duplicate that looks and thinks exactly like you. this duplicate since it has all your memories would think it had worked even if the original you ceased to exist. i am not really afraid of death but that also doesn't mean i want to cease existing. teleportation just seems too risky.

i think it is more clear if someone were to make an exact clone of you including your memories. this duplicate isn't you, you don't control it you don't hear it's thoughts. it may look like you and think like you but it isn't you.

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But they do have your name. you do realize it is encoded on the magnetic strip? and most regular customers will live within a rather small radius of the business. so if they want your address they can take your name from your card and then look you up in an online phone book so they can send you ads next time farscape is on sale

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i mostly agree that 200 accidental deaths of youths is nothing, but exactly what right do you think is being trampled?

Do you even know the purpose of the 2nd amendment? how do you plan to overthrow an oppressive government that now has the worlds best equiped standing army and has control of multi-million dollar war machines? you need to face it the 2nd amendment is outdated. Unless we the citizens can also own and operate our own tanks, fighter jets, and armed UAV's we really don't stand much of a chance.

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