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Comment: Re:why the fuck (Score 1) 101

Google owns a lot of fiber. something they might be able to provide to Sprint and TMobile that other MVNO's don't is some additional backbone internet bandwidth. if they ink the deal right, this could end up benefiting all 3 companies. Sprint and TMobile could get cheaper bandwidth and Google gets a last mile connection to more devices.

Comment: Re:good grief (Score 1) 217

i like messing with Joe from "The windows corporation". last time he called i wasn't even sitting at a computer and tried to see how long i could play along with them. even described the event viewer screen to them from memory so they could verify i was on the right screen. Only hung up on them because i ran out of time and had to go somewhere.

Comment: Re:Humans are unnecessary (Score 2) 258

what is wrong with biological life? it is self repairing/healing, self replicating, self adapting/evolving, and can learn on its own...

basically all the features that mechanical machines lack, that we would like it to have. it seems the current field of robotics is the dead end. we should be focusing on biological machines.

Comment: Re:The Stupidity of Human Greed (Score 1) 119

by leonardluen (#48724037) Attached to: Bots Scanning GitHub To Steal Amazon EC2 Keys

but the bot operator isn't paying for it, why do they care how efficient it is? if it takes a week worth of cpu time to generate $150 that is still $150 of pure profit for them. at the same time they can probably also sell cycles on the instances they hijacked to spammers or some other group

Comment: Re:von Neumann probes (Score 2) 391

this planet is overrun with microorganisms, everywhere we look, how do we know were aren't the von neumann probes?

we are self replicating, bacterial spores can survive extremely long periods in a vacuum so it stands to reason they could planet hop and there are some theories life here might have come here from mars anyway.

maybe we just can't see the forest for the trees.

Comment: Re:Assumptions define the conclusion (Score 1) 574

by leonardluen (#48509961) Attached to: Hawking Warns Strong AI Could Threaten Humanity

a) there is no upper limit on intelligence.

There is no limit until the intelligence has co-opted all material in the visible universe to perform calculations and further its own intelligence. granted such an intelligence would be working on an entirely different timescale than our own.

b) Since the AI is smarter than us, this means it can design a smarter version of itself.

i grant you this is a pretty big assumption considering we haven't yet made an true AI to begin with.

c) The AI has a "desire" to create a better version of itself

it is probably safe to assume this is will be an innate desire of any true AI that we create, because one of our own reasons that we desire to create AI is for it to be able to adapt itself and to learn and react better to whatever task we have assigned to it.

d) The AI doesn't have the foresight to see that the "better" versions would eventually replace the original AI as well as humans.

you are assuming the AI would care if it is replaced by a better version of itself. or that it wouldn't be more of an upgrade of the existing one than a replacement.

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