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Comment: Re:Obscure dates/times, too (Score 2) 48

by leob (#44425347) Attached to: 22nd International Obfuscated C Code Contest Starts Thursday 1 Aug 2013

Aug. 1 is the birthday of Otto Toeplitz, German mathematician, author of The enjoyment of mathematics. Selections from mathematics for the amateur (with Hans Rademacher).
Oct. 3 is the day Edouard Lucas, French mathematician, known for his study of the Fibonacci sequence, died.


+ - The 21st IOCCC has been announced->

Submitted by leob
leob (154345) writes "As promised at the end of the 20th IOCCC earlier this year, the 21st International Obfuscated C Code Contest will accept entries from 2012-Aug-15 03:14:15 UTC to 2012-Sep-14 09:26:53 UTC. The earliest announcement about the next contest was on Twitter on July 13, giving the interested parties more than 2 months to polish their entries."
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+ - Researchers create 'rubbery metal'

Submitted by Space_donkey
Space_donkey (323491) writes "Researchers at Virginia Tech have developed a new type of metal that also has the vibration-dampening properties of rubber. That's according to a patent filing discovered by New Scientist. Ultimately, it might be used in aircraft engines and other systems that experience a lot of vibration. In the shorter-term it could also be seen in sports equipment such as tennis rackets and baseball bats."
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+ - Advertising on WIkipedia?

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An anonymous reader writes "Some Wikipedians have objected to Virgin Unite's participation in the Wikimedia Foundation's fund drive, calling it adverising. But there's a strong case that Wikipedia should run advertising. The funds raised could support dozens of Firefox-scale free knowledge and free software projects, outspending all but the wealthiest foundations."

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