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by AuMatar (#48240357) Attached to: Rite Aid and CVS Block Apple Pay and Google Wallet

2)There's a lot of card companies out there. Find one that doesn't charge fees. That's trivial.

4)I've had other experiences, with a hold far greater than the rental amount placed on a debit card. It was a major rental car company- Avis? Hertz?

5)CC debt is the first thing to go in bankruptcy. So if you're really in that position you want lots of it and no extra liens on the house.

6)That doesn't help you if they decide to flag your card and shut it down. It will take a few days to get the new one, and in the meantime you can't use the old one. That's assuming you're in the right place to even get it. Would have totally sucked to not have had a backup while on my 3 month trip to Europe. Or when they flagged my card right after I moved because I used it in the same hardware store twice in an hour. Never rely on one card.

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1)TO prove that you repay your debts. Car loans also help, but credit cards are the most easily acquired debt history.

3)No. Checking accounts earn interest. You can have a checking account with or without a debit card. Even if you have a credit card, you can put your money in a checking account. Having the card does not get you additional interest.

5)You can get home equity loans in the US as well. There's generally minimum loan amounts though (you can't use it for less than X amount), it puts a lien on your house, and you have to own a house. You also have to qualify. Its easier and better to have a credit card.

6)A credit card can be always on you (short of being mugged). A spouse or rich uncle, if you have one, may not be reachable.

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In several ways

1)Debit cards don't build credit history. This makes it hard to get a car or house loan at good rates.

2)Credit cards have 0% interest if you pay at the end of the month every month.

3)Debit cards do not earn you interest. If you have an interest checking account (rare, and usually such a low rate that its a joke, sub 1% in most cases), you earn that money regardless of if you have or use a debit card.

4)In the US, many purchases such as hotel, rental car, and gas put a hold on your account for more money than the actual charge. This hold goes away once the car is returned/hotel is checked out/a few days (for gas), but in the meantime that's additional money you can't access.

5)Emergencies/hard times. Sometimes shit happens. You may lose your job and run low on cash. You may have a series of car and house repairs. Its always a good idea to have an additional emergency fun you can call on for short term cash.

6)Your bank may put a hold on your debit card for suspicious activities. In that case, your card is useless. Having a backup is always a good idea. There's been several times this has saved my ass when traveling.

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First off, glassdoor isn't a representative set. Secondly, it counts salary only, not bonuses and equity that can be half of your take home. Third, it does averaging but doesn't drop out old days points- days points from 09 are horribly outdated, but included in their averages. Glassdoor is good for reviews, but it's salary numbers are junk.

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Android does sandbox apps. The default internal directory for each app can only be read/written by itself. Prior to version 4.2, the SD card was public and could be read/written by anyone. 4.2 and later, only parts of the SD cared are publicly readable and only parts are publicly writable.

In both cases before and after 4.2 uninstalling will remove the private directory. It will also remove any private directory on the SD card, so long as the app used the default location. Some apps don't, purposely, so their data will persist if reinstalled.

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In the last few years I've gone to games and I've watched on TV. I'd never pay sticker price to go to a game again- TV is a MUCH better experience. No weather, no annoying asshole standing up in front of you, better food, better priced food and drink, instant replays, etc. If you're watching sports (rather than participating) its just better all around on TV. I'm more engaged at home.

Funnily enough, I'd rather go to a concert. That's an experience. Sports in person don't do it for me, even if I like the sport.

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A Phd is a researching degree. If you want to use that degree, you should be making very targeted applications at companies that are looking to hire people in your subfield. You should not be applying to general developer positions, you should be applying to very specific jobs you specialize in.

If all you want is a job as a developer, then you're going to get interviewed like a developer. Don't hide your phd, but don't expect it to mean anything. A Phd isn't going to help you write a webpage, or develop a standard business or phone app. The things they need aren't addressed in a phd program. They need programmers. So they're going to test that you can actually program. They're going to treat you just like any other applicant, whatever degree they have. That means starting with the "is this guy a complete fraud" test.

I've gotta ask- why did you get the Phd? If you got it because you wanted to work on a specific field, work in it. If you got it because you wanted to call yourself doctor or you thought more degrees the better, you should have done some research before spending 6 years of your life on it.

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Because face time is important. Interacting with coworkers is important. Being able to go over a design at a whiteboard together rather than reading the same powerpoint slide separately is important. THe best ideas I've had in my career have been created as a result of talking to my coworkers over lunch/coffee break/tangent from another discussion. Telecommuting is a loss to productivity even if they are perfect about actually working (which having done it for a year- its not an easy thing to do, there's a lot of temptations). Its not only easily worth 15-30k, its worth 2-3 times that to have then onsite. That's ignoring the fact that a large number of people won't be on point when working from home- many without even meaning to cheat the system.

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I doubt you paid much attention to this. I do, I've been developing keyboards for 5 years now. Some of those at Swype, some at a second startup (I left Swype a few months after the buyout and have had neither residuals nor stock in the company or its new owner since May 2012), and now well its still on keyboards but I'm under NDA preventing me from stating where. Do all Android users use continuous path input? Of course not. Not even a majority. But a very solid percentage do, and a majority of those wouldn't use a device without it for a phone sized device (answers differ on large tablets where swyping isn't as efficient). So no, I don't think I oversold the importance of the technology- its a blocking issue for millions of people moving to iOS. Would they have moved had it been available when they were making their OS choice? Some large percentage of them would have. Will they now? Who knows- now they're locked in by various apps and expected behavior. We'll see.

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iOS terms of service prevent you from writing a service or daemon except under very specific circumstances. If you do, they'll reject your app from the store. So you have to do a lot of things that should run in the background only when you're in the foreground. Yes, its idiotic- in order to try and avoid a few badly written apps from draining battery power unnecessarily running in the background they've instead prevented entire categories of useful behavior.

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Highly doubt it. I worked at Swype. We had deals at the OEM level and shipped preinstalled. That means we made money on every phone shipped. (Some of those deals fell apart post buyout, because the buyer was hard to deal with). They won't get that deal from Apple. So they may make more money per download, or get more paid downloads. But they won't make more money overall.

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