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Comment: iPod Touch (Score 0) 579

by lemoon (#33532012) Attached to: Apple Announces New iPods, iTunes 10, Social Network, AppleTV
What made me most excited is the iPod Touch! It plays Music and it is a Phone, It has a Front Facing Camera, Led Flash and is a Tablet at the same time. JUST MAGICAL! With Retina display, Led Flash, iOS 4.1 with Game Center, Facetime with front camera. wow, OMG, just thinking to buy a new one! The Game Center really stunned me, can't wait to experience it! you know Im a totally ipod tunch games fanboy, have collected many games online!!! like this:

Comment: Re:iPad (Score 0) 233

by lemoon (#33311380) Attached to: 7-Inch iPad Rumored
hmm, really? launch the 7-inch iPad by Christmas! Great news to some degree. Well, I think the 9.7 inch screen must be more popular for enjoying movies and videos, u know one of the top features of iPad is movie watching. At least now Im sucked in enjoying kinds of videos and movies with iPad, though some times need in the help of iPad video converter from iFunia for lack of flash support. But on the contrast, the 7-inch also have market I bileve, as it will be lightter than the 9.7 inch one, it's really a little heavy to keep around.

+ - Install Flash on Your Jailbroken iPad->

Submitted by lemoon
lemoon (1804748) writes "We just saw Flash 10.1 ported to the iPad demonstrated in video form by Comex, and now you can get in on the action too, as long as your iPad is jailbroken. It’s called Frash, and while the plugin is still pretty early and doesn’t do video playback yet, you can definitely play games and other animations right now, and we’re told video support is forthcoming. Okay, so let’s try this out, shall we? It’s not point-and-click simple, but it’s not that hard, either. Full instructions after the break.

Read more to get the detailed steps on how to install flash on jailbroken iPad."

Link to Original Source

Comment: iphone= more sexual? (Score 0, Redundant) 397

by lemoon (#33224402) Attached to: Stats Show iPhone Owners Get More Sex
There's this explanation: "After getting f**ked in the a$$ by Apple for two years, letting some random dude in for one night doesn’t seem like such a big deal." (From "Top 10 Reasons iPhone Users Have More Sex Than Android Fans" - ;-) Or maybe it's because the iphone is smaller and vibrates better. ;) But, I really like the iPhone's feature, especially the new iP4 facetime, I don't want this are made use of in sexual. You know iPhone got many top features. BTW, you can get the magic iP4 features from iFunia iPhone column:

Comment: Re:'Bout time (Score 1) 917

by lemoon (#32947276) Attached to: Apple Offers Free Cases To Solve iPhone 4 Antenna Problems
hmm, I read the news "Live from Apple's iPhone 4 press conference". Dude. I'm 99% sure there will be no recalls or h/w fixes. Like some dude called it, they'll say 1) 99% phones are okay 2) 1% suffer from that issue, which still makes us the best and greatest 3) we're giving you free/discounted bumpers so worship us forever While I love their products, of course I do hope Apple steps up on the iPhone 4 improving as soon. The iPhone 4 tempting features, HD Video Recording and lovely pictures you're surprised:

Comment: iOS kool! (Score 1) 702

by lemoon (#32650612) Attached to: iOS 4 Releases Today
you must be kidding, i just love it, iOS4 is clearly quicker, and handles apps better, at least on an iPhone 3GS. Couple the OS with the twice as powerful iPhone 4, the only thing I care about is when excatly will the iphone4 be available, I already have a iFunia iPhone 4 Video Converter which was recommended by my friends and says to be a charming apps. hmm, My special iphone4 is gonna love it :)

Comment: Re:Lame (Score 1) 1184

by lemoon (#32505928) Attached to: Apple Announces iPhone 4
No teleportation? OMG! Im totally fascinated. I have to say, Apple is amazing! steve jobs! you are the man!!! I'm still shocked at how much the ipad can do...and now this? how do you do it! good job! Before the new iPhone released, I have read many reviews about it, it totally stunned me, such as this one listed the most impressive features of it:

Comment: Re:The question is (Score 1) 595

by lemoon (#32441532) Attached to: Why Apple Is So Sticky
Agreed. Well, Because of Jobs doesn't concern himself with speeds and feeds. Jobs focuses on the ways in which people use technology. He is also interested in how the finished product looks and feels and how it becomes a part of a person's lifestyle. iPad now is suitable with folks experience, users are more accustomed to touch experience than computer control. I, not a fanboy - that said, I just might be one now.... the iPad has already changed the way I do my work - the iPad is here to stay! I am sticking with my iPad. I think other will do the same once they try it and realize it is the perfect personal computer :-) And some of my collections: make the cool device more fun.

Comment: Re:Well... (Score 1) 207

by lemoon (#32373238) Attached to: Is Wired's App Really the Future of Magazines?
eher, yeap, agreed. I don't think this is what does it matter. Just good for using iPad. And many folks argue that they won't pay for the $4.99, yeah, free apps maybe really tempting, but if can do help for using, that's OK! To many free ipad apps list online, such as this: have to say some are old stock actually.

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