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Comment Re:Thinkpad X-series (Score 1) 479

I have an IBM X40, and a year ago I had a bicycle accident, being thrown off the bike at 20mph on to a concrete path. I landed smack on top of the X40, which was just sitting in a unpadded courier bag. Damage to laptop: Scratched corner. Damage to me: Sprained knee, fractured elbow.

It's a tough laptop.

The extended battery really does give it a 7 to 9 hour life, too.

Submission + - Google developing products for TV

jbrodkin writes: "This story investigates Google's plans for television by reviewing the job advertisements Google has posted as it looks for engineers and sales executives who will bring the Google television offering to market. Google itself is keeping quiet, but its intentions are made clear by the fact that it is building a team to "make the world's information universally accessible and useful through television." e-next-frontier.html"

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