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Comment: Same situation (Score 0) 416

by lemmis_86 (#39085527) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Life After Software Development?
I'm basically in the same situation (coder, computer science, I never want to work with computers again. They rise my blood-pressure). I have recently bought a greenhouse, and gardening is fun for the whole family (the kids just love it!). Suggestion: Buy a semi-large greenhouse an start planting herbs as a business. Gardening is fun and quite easy to learn. After one growing-season you'll be the herb-master (geek). Culinary herbs are also quite easy to grow, and there are sooo many other plants and species to explore... it's fun :) A greenhouse is not a big investment, and if you fail to sell fresh herbs => dry them up and sell them as spice/herb mixes on the internet (if you can bare to sit in front of your screen for a while :))

Comment: Genuine interest (Score 1) 841

by lemmis_86 (#37967216) Attached to: Why Do So Many College Science Majors Drop Out?
Most science subjects are boring subjects that no one (except for a few with a genuine interest) find it interesting enough to study on your own time. Who would actually sit at home being excited about some economic math problem, except for a few that are genuinely into math. More and more people are studying because of money, since they want well paid jobs in the future (in the year 2000). The 40% that drop out maybe are smart enough to realize that money does not equal happiness, and there are more interesting ways to make money than to study something you do not have a genuine interest in.

Comment: Left undone (Score 1) 434

by lemmis_86 (#37659310) Attached to: Putting Emails In Folders Is a Waste of Time, Says IBM Study
The study should check which of the two users have left more things undone. By filing into folders you get a to-do list, and you can clearly see what you need to do. By having all mails in one folder things can get messy, and important mails can be forgotten and thus, never gets that important reply.

Comment: Re:Anybody else? (Score 1) 286

by lemmis_86 (#37166258) Attached to: Teachers, Students Fight To Be Facebook Friends
Yup, but mainly incursion on freedom. If I want to be friends with someone, god damnit it's up to me to decide, and no one else's business! Does this mean that the teacher cannot be friends IRL? Example: I took a math course at the university where my cousin was the teacher. We are friends and facebook friends. Are we criminals now? Better come and get me.

Comment: Re:Answer: (Score 1) 1070

by lemmis_86 (#36384482) Attached to: Have We Reached Maximum Sustainable Population Size?
Correct. We are not too many people, we are too many _lazy_ people who demand to have cars, and use the car for everything. Instead of walking 2km most people choose to go by car, instead of developing one-self and meditating most people sit in front of their computers thinking they are saving energy because they don't read _paper_ papers.... gheez Lazy people sit in their cars eating junk food, getting fatter, buying more food, food gets more expensive as a result, inflation strikes, people get more overweight, people get more lazy and use their car more often => vicious cycle. Start bicycling instead => loose weight, get less lazy, demand less food, smaller ecological footprint. People fail to see that we live in a huge paradise (earth), but that's really easy to miss if one is surrounded by concrete and trucks blowing by your face.

Comment: Re:Worldwide death toll (Score 0, Troll) 218

by lemmis_86 (#35134422) Attached to: Oxford University Tests Universal Flu Vaccine
Here in Finland many children have got narcolepsy (for life!) as a "side effect" from the H1N1 vaccine. If anyone ever will try to give me a "universal vaccine" I'll scream. Imagine what it's like to have a 7 year-old who falls asleep while eating, waiting for the school-bus, in class etc., and can't remember what they were thinking about just 10 seconds ago. All parents have had to quit their jobs and take care of the children. "Thank you modern software medicine". Why would a healthy person need a flu vaccine anyway? Flu's are normal and should exist, and, if you're healthy you'll manage through a flu just fine. Stop playing with nature.

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