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Comment Britannica site sucks! (Score 1) 385

Full of flash crap and annoying popup that asks you to register! sheesh, haven't they learned anything? Not to mention that in terms of breadth, Britannica seems to lose to Wikipedia. Also the direct linking is inexistent! One nice feature in wikipedia is that you can reach any subject by going to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/subject

Comment Classmate, Magellan, Venezuela and Portugal (Score 5, Informative) 275

Even though TFA doesn't mention it, it's true that the computer being sold is called Magellan. It's basically a rename of Intel Classmate, with 1/3 of it being produced in Portugal. It was launched a few days ago over here (Portugal). The computer is being given (almost free) to kids in the 5th grade, and sold to the public for ~285 euros. Imo, it's just sad to see what I believe is a waste of public funds! First, the government is pouring cash into Intel's pocket for a sub-product, when it could've allied itself with the OLPC. Second, they think that by throwing fishing sticks at people, they'll learn how to fish. The computers will most likely be used for IM (MSN), social network (hi5) and warez. As for this deal with Venezuela, Chavez and Socrates (portuguese prime minister) are having some deals, and this is just another one. Portugal also has a huge community in Venezuela (around 1 million iirc).

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