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Comment: Re:Late 2006 blunder? (Score 1) 113

by legal_asshole (#17318666) Attached to: Valve Pens In-Game Ad Deal for Counter-Strike

On top of that, make the freaking ads destructible. I don't want to drop a grenade and have the whole area singed but the Pepsi ad is shiny and new.

Actually, making ads destructable should be required, but would also provide interesting metrics in terms of ad consumption. One would also assume that they would track how long each ad is viewed (directly and/or indirectly, while moving, the angle, etc.), and if people shoot it up or throw grenades at it.

What would also be interesting is to see if people change their routes (or run backwards through the map and then turning around to the left) through the maps to avoid a viewing the ads :)

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