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Comment Re: Hang on a minute... (Score 1) 422

Name two and their consequences. And by consequences I don't mean one time annoyances like "it's cumbersome to write the init scripts" but actual things like "this language forces me to use double the memory or twice the cpu" and explain how systemd fixes it without introducing a worse one.

Comment Re:Hang on a minute... (Score 5, Interesting) 422

I've had a job now for about 10 years where a large fraction of the time I wear a software engineer's hat. Looking back now, I can point to a lot of design decisions in the software I work on that made me go "WTF?" when I first saw them as a young'un, but after having to contend with them for a good number of years, and thinking about how I would do them differently, I've come to the conclusion that the original WTF may be ugly and could use some polish, but the decisionmaking that produced it was fundamentally sound.

The more I hear about LP and systemd, the more it screams out that this guy just hasn't worked with Unix and Linux long enough to understand what it's used for and why it's built the way it is. His pronouncements just sound to me like an echo of my younger, stupider, self (and I just turned 30), and I can't take any of his output seriously. I really hope a critical mass of people are of the same mind with me and this guy can be made to redirect his energies somewhere where it doesn't fuck it up for the rest of us.

Comment Re:Why would you want this? (Score 1) 66

Yeah, but that's all latency, none of it is throughput. Maybe I buy your argument if you're talking about changing a few bytes in a file of size 4K or so, but if your file is megabytes or gigabytes in size (like a bigass complex-valued double precision matrix), then I don't think you necessarily want to shuffle all of it across the wire and back.

Comment Re:Good for greece (Score 1) 1307

No, inflation is not good. Deflation is not good. A government/central bankthat spends its time actually understanding the how money flows through the economy (as opposed to spending its time convincing everyone that it understands these things) would aim for a combination of interest rates, QE, and out-and-out printing money that makes the inflation as near zero as possible with maybe half an epsilon's worth of safety margin in the positive direction to keep the banks from freezing up.

Comment Re: It's that time... (Score 3, Interesting) 342

I was responsible for the servo of an optical tracking mount with moving dome and powered cable wrap (no manipulator arms, just four axes of motion, three of them coaxial) and I still made sure to pump out about 100kbytes/sec worth of telemetry for all the moving machinery that was there. A 5 or six axis robot should probably be pumping out at least that much of telemetry.

The second real question is what their data retention polcy is so that human error can be isolated from electromechanical fault and software fault.

Comment Re:So don't put warnings on the windshield. (Score 2) 195

Mod parent up.

Even the multi-function displays in the middle of the instrument panels on *all* cars made in the last three or four years is too much. Old fogeys like myself, at the crusty old age of 29, have gotten used to associating a particular spatial location in an automobile's console with a particular piece of information so that it's second nature.

This is how the mind is wired to absorb information from the world at a very basic level. Want to see what the weather it is? Look up. Want to see if you're walking on steady ground? Look down. Want to see if there's danger or prey out there? Look around.

Same in a car, or fighter jet for that matter: Want to see the time? Look at where the clock is. Want to see what radio station you're listening to? Look at where the tuner is. Want to see how much gas you've got? Look at where the fuel gauge is. This is constant-time lookup. If you have multifunction displays that *change* where these basic things are, now you've upped the cognitive load on the driver in that he now has to keep track of what state the display is in rather than just glancing in a well-remembered spot.

A proper heads-up display, and a proper desktop GUI, smartphone app, etc, preserve this feature so that you can see what you need by looking where you remember. Incidentally, this is a large part of what 'type rating' is on commercial aircraft, and aircraft manufacturers frequently retain large commercial customers by laying out the cockpits of their newer models the same exact way as the old one, with the selling point that pilots don't need to be retrained to figure out where they need to be looking and where their hands need to be in the new cockpit.

The point is, a good HUD for a car will show the same thing in the same place all the time. Just projections of dials and needles if I had my way. No popups, no text to read, no nothing. If there's something wrong with the car, a single idiot light that says 'check engine' will do it, because you're not going to diagnose it yourself while on the highway. That way it actually does save you time and keeps your gaze closer to the road.

But yeah. If you've got bells and whistles and distractions in your field of vision, of course it's unsafe. Most people are probably smart enough to ignore the popup message crap polluting automotive mutlifunction displays, by keeping their eyes up. If the crap follows them there, that's not an usafe display mechanism, that's unsafe human interface design. </rant>

Comment Vote-by-mail is better system. (Score 1) 258

All the cleaner election benefits of paper ballots, plus you could do anything governments do right now to paper currency to prevent fake ballots from being stuffed into election counts

Best system for dealing with different disabled voter challenges easily bar none.

We are always getting 70-80% voter turnout in where vote-by-mail is being used now for a decade.

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