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DoT Proposes Mandating Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communications 261

Posted by Soulskill
from the car-talk dept.
schwit1 sends word that the Dept. of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has given notice of a proposal (PDF) for a new car safety standard that would require vehicle-to-vehicle communication equipment in all new passenger cars and light trucks. The NHTSA thinks this will facilitate the development of new safety software for vehicles. They estimate it could prevent over 500,000 crashes (PDF) each year. "Some crash warning V2V applications, like Intersection Movement Assist and Left Turn Assist, rely on V2V-based messages to obtain information to detect and then warn drivers of possible safety risks in situations where other technologies have less capability. ... NHTSA believes that V2V capability will not develop absent regulation, because there would not be any immediate safety benefits for consumers who are early adopters of V2V." The submitter notes that this V2V communication would include transmission of a vehicle's location, which comes with privacy concerns.

Comment: Re:why does your phone need software running on yo (Score 2) 519

by leenks (#43729329) Attached to: iTunes: Still Slowing Down Windows PCs After All These Years

iTunes replaces quite a few standard Windows services. Until a few versions ago there was a DNS resolver service, but I think it has been built into the client now. Yeah, iTunes does its own DNS lookups for some reason.

Presumably you mean mDNSResponder.exe - ie multicast DNS / bonjour which is used to discover other iTunes libraries on your network.

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