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The Internet

+ - Virgin deflowered by Wikipedia

Submitted by
lee writes "Virgin Unite, the charitable arm of Virgin Group, is matching one for one all donations to Wikimedia Foundation for a 24 hour period. When this period began, a link to Virgin Unite was placed in the site notice on all Wikimedia projects. A mere twelve (12) minutes later their site was down for the count due to overwhelming traffic. As of now the site notice is no longer pointing directly to the Virgin Unite site, but instead redirects to an article on the Wikimedia Foundation wiki. One Wikipedia editor blogged this here."

Comment: The BBC got the story wrong. (Score 1) 349

by lee (#16016117) Attached to: Not As Wiki As It Used To Be
From the original BBC article, "Under the new approach, page edits will no longer be immediately applied to pages but will instead have to be approved by an administrator before they become visible." This is flatly false. I have been involved in discussion about the German experiment and what English wikipedia will do, and the above statement is exactly what will not happen and what no one wants, not the foundation, not administrators, not the writers. It strikes me as FUD at its worst.

Notice this correction was made, "There's no decision yet as to who will be able to "approve" a page, and of course the English-language Wikipedia is simply watching what happens in Germany and seeing how it works, so there will be no change for those of us who use the English version." Now this is accurate. English is watching the German wikipedia to see what works for them with full knowledge that what works for German is not what works for English.

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