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+ - D-Wave Quantum Computers Able to Demonstrate Entanglement->

Submitted by lecoupdejarnac
lecoupdejarnac (1742408) writes "A study published by the peer-reviewed journal Physical Review X shows that D-Wave's quantum computers are able to attain at least 8-qubits of entanglement:

"Dr Federico Spedalieri of University of Southern California's Viterbi Information Sciences Institute and co-author of the paper, said: 'There's no way around it. Only quantum systems can be entangled. This test provides the experimental proof that we've been looking for.'""

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Comment: Re:The diffciulty in getting carnivores to switch (Score 1) 466

Still, it's only Western squeamishness that creates a market for "fake meat" like this.

I don't think squeamishness is the sole reason for having fake meat. I don't mind eating bugs (I've had fried grubs, cricket tacos, and other insects) but fake meat still has a role to play. I try to be vegetarian as much as possible, but because I used to eat a lot of meat, I end up missing meat dishes that I used to love.

Fake meat allows those who give up meat (for any reason, but for me it is due to the negative ecological impacts of meat eating) to continue to enjoy certain foods that are similar to what we used to enjoy.

Comment: Re: Why? (Score 4, Insightful) 769

by lecoupdejarnac (#46393559) Attached to: The Next Keurig Will Make Your Coffee With a Dash of "DRM"
Not only is it less green, but it seems most people don't think about the fact that these machines inject hot water through cheap disposable plastic cups. Lots of coffee machines have plastic parts that the hot water passes through, leaching endocrine-disrupting phthalates as it heats the plastic, right into your coffee cup. I'll stick with my metal water kettle and glass French press.

Comment: Re:Think about it (Score 1) 597

by lecoupdejarnac (#46251119) Attached to: Financing College With a Tax On All Graduates

Yes, I would. I would consider it an IQ test. Nobody has a legal or ethical responsibility to adjust their behavior in order to maximize their taxes.

Not unethical maybe, but immoral. Taxes are necessary for the healthy functioning of our society. It is a shared burden, and it is selfish to willingly look for loopholes to avoid paying your share. Especially if you had benefited from the very services that your are trying to avoid paying for with a direct tax like this.

More of the usual evils: greed, selfishness, and entitlement...

Comment: Re:Hmm. (Score 4, Insightful) 653

by lecoupdejarnac (#45754609) Attached to: Protesters Block Apple and Google Buses In California

Software developers (especially at Google and Apple) do not make "at, or less, than minimum wage"; this is absolutely absurd. According to the average salary in San Francisco right is $110,950 for application developers and slightly higher for systems developers.

According to the same link, food service workers make and average of $22,180 a year in San Francisco. That's a very wide income gap, indeed.

So engineers at some companies work long hours, so what? Most engineers (myself included) love the work they do, and it's a far cry from working multiple jobs with little or no benefits to barely be able to feed your family and be unable to afford a nice place to live.

Not only will you win an Irony award from me, but you'll get arrested for obstructing traffic too -- and rightfully so. Time and place. First two things you learn in activism. Time. Place. Learn it.

The time and place for activism: somewhere with a lot of impact and that probably means it should be extremely disruptive to a lot people. Sure it's a pain in the ass to have your commute screwed up by striking transit employees or something like this bus protest. But that's a cost of democracy, and we're all better off if people are free to protest and to be disruptive. Without disruption, protests are too easily ignored and the power of the masses is too easily constrained. To hell with "free speech zones" and protest permits. I agree that protestors shouldn't overdo it, or they'll lose the support of the masses. Unfortunately in the US, they rarely get any support at all. People cling to their sense of entitlement and have no willingness to stomach some inconvenience for the sake of the greater good.

Comment: Re:Bullshit we won't notice (Score 1) 466

by lecoupdejarnac (#45176751) Attached to: Redesigned Seats Let Airlines Squeeze In More Passengers

Me? I think I have more right not to be in physical pain for hours then they do to recline their seat.

It's not like it reclines enough to make a real difference to them anyway. And they hardly ever do it to "sleep".

In my experience, if I don't recline the seat about half way, I get serious back pain over the course of the flight. This is because the part of the seat with the headrest that angles forward is usually at the top of my back, which forces me to sit angled forward with my back at an awkward angle. So a very tall person's knees may hurt, but also consider some people may get back pain without reclining the seat.

Comment: Re:Few Alternatives... for now. (Score 1) 443

by lecoupdejarnac (#44769419) Attached to: PayPal Freezes MailPile's Account
I love the idea of bitcoin. In principle an anonymous, decentralized currency would be a very cool thing to have.

But its implementation is flawed in a way that will prevent it from being a useful currency. Here's a couple good articles that explains a few reasons why (there are many such articles out there by various economists):

I'm ready for a another attempt with the same goals as Bitcoin.

Comment: Re:Proud? (Score 1) 1233

by lecoupdejarnac (#44659301) Attached to: Don't Fly During Ramadan

4. We need term limits for all members of congress. Members of congress are supposed to be private citizens that leave the private sector in order to serve the public, and once their service is over they return to the private sector. Congress should have a 4-term limit across both the House and Senate. You can serve 4 terms as a Representative, but then you are not eligible to be a Senator. You can serve 2 terms in each. Whatever the combination, once you serve 4 terms in congress you are done. The notion of a career politician needs to be eliminated. Politicians are there to serve the public, not themselves.

I agree with most of your points a great deal; that was a very concise summary of the greatest problems facing democracy in the US. The 4th point though, I don't agree with. If your other points were implemented and restricted the income sources of our elected officials while they are in office, I don't think they would need term limits.

Imagine if politicians could not keep any income that exceeds their government salary while in office, with some additional restrictions to prevent revolving-door type abuses. Then I would be OK with career politicians, because they would clearly be in the game for public service and not personal gain.

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