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Comment: Re:Correlation is not causation, FFS. (Score 1) 417

by ldconfig (#44777479) Attached to: 'Half' of 2012's Extreme Weather Impacted By Climate Change
There are lot of unanswered questions about 9/11 just don't ask any of them or get labeled crazy. Just like all of us that said for years we live in a police state where everything we do gets spied on we got called tin foil hat nut jobs for over a decade ... Thanks to the HERO Edward Snowden I have heard a whole lot of "I'm Sorry" lately. Now not all theories are based in truth and we get almost all of not based in any facts type theorizes from CNN,FOX,MSNBC,CNBC. etc etc. Like this el toro poo poo about global warming calling it climate change ...NO DUH! Look if 99% of the smartest people on earth say burning carbon is warming the planet WE NEED TO LISTEN!!! But these content cartel slime balls will make up anything to justify everything our REAL enemy has done/is doing to us. The real enemy is RICH PEOPLE not people that disagree with you about petty politics.

Comment: Re:Who watches the watchers? (Score 1, Troll) 583

by ldconfig (#43990119) Attached to: Snowden's Big Truth: We Are All Less Free
Its really all about America's one true God capitalism. Any other system is hunted down and destroyed or made to look like boogeymen thanks to our all too willing media (content cartels). Congress didn't spend all that money on spying without a return. I bet at least one of these 'contractors' is porting a lot of data to high freg trading computers. Heck we already know that the super rich get consumer data 15 min's before us little folks. Just look how rich congress people get while in office and just after. All the data mining is for one thing and it ain't security ITS MONEY! Want to know why no one does anything about pay TV rates? Easy almost everyone that can do anything about it have stock in the pay TV co's! To cut this rant short as long as Americans worship money over all else nothing will ever change.

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by ldconfig (#34351420) Attached to: US Government Seizes Torrent Search Engine Domain
If Intellectual Property is real property then why are there no property taxes on it? How does Comcast get away with selling TV thats already paid for with commercials? When did the bill of rights become a technicality? Why is it legal to waterboard someone but using bit torrent to download a Linux distro is a danger to us all? What good are those electronic strip search machines when the drug dealers get their stuff through airports everyday with no problem? Why is it illegal in most states to drive with headphones on but a deaf person has no problem getting a drivers license? I don't really expect a reasonable answer to any of my questions. Because their are not any besides the fact we are all SUCKERS. The rich and powerful know we won't riot we won't vote in mass and we will keep on paying our taxes. So theres no need to ask why is my broadband bill 70 bucks a month while the rest of the world gets much faster service at a fraction of the price ... We are SUCKERS. Thank goodness I'm an old man and won't have to put up with all this for much longer because the future is nothing to look forward too ... High School Class of 2010 less than 25% passed the SAT (search /. the story was posted here about the class of 2010 so don't accuse me of making it up please) so the next generation is dumb as wood. I do hope I live long enough to see all our technology break down and no one is left that is smart enough to fix it. Its not global warming that should scare us but rather the mass breeding of morons.

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by ldconfig (#32904426) Attached to: Given Truth, the Misinformed Believe Lies More
Its all content cartel propaganda designed to keep us fighting with each other while not noticing how badly we are being screwed in a rigged system. How many of these talking empty heads on The Hippy News Network (MSNBC) or The Clinton News Network (CNN) or The White Trash News Network (Fox) has the guts to talk about net neutrality? None! For the most part we don't vote we don't riot and we pay our taxes and the rich asswipes know this and use us as suckers. When they have us paying for TV thats already PAID FOR with commercials yep we are suckers. When they force us to pay 60+ bucks a month for broadband thats less than 10 bucks a month in most other places in the world yep we are suckers. When we have to pay well over 200 bucks for 30 nexium capsules when the rest of the world pay less than 50 yep we are suckers ... I could fill a small library with examples yet we fight tooth and nail with each other over stupid shit all the while the rich are robbing us blind. Why? Cause you got it we are suckers.

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