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Comment Re:Ummm .... duh? (Score 1) 184

I do agree with what you and others says, I use IMDB for trying to "measure" a movie, but as with most things this is about personal preferences, taste, if you like. Not every people will find a certain movie good or bad, no matter what critics says. The same goes for almost everything, I can safely assume that everyone likes cheese but that is not true, but if we put a rating to that it may come up with a 9 out of 10 or maybe more. But that does not mean everybody should buy it and eat it, it just means a lot of people like it, you have to try it for yourself to see if YOU like it. I thinks the same happens with movie ratings, they're a guide, but no matter what people say about it, you still have to watch it to see if you like it or not. The rating can be a good indicator, but until you actually watch the movie, you just wouldn't know.

Comment Re:An effort to avoid tariffs in Brazil (Score 1) 148

They may have made some kind of arrangement with the government. I live in Argentina and the gvmnt stopped the import for most of Apple products, this may include even the iPhone 5, because of the opening of a Samsung assembly plant, according to the rumors. I don't think the idea of an arrangement of that kind in Brazil to be too weird.

Comment Re:Surprise (Score 1) 290

I agree mostly on what you say about OS diversity, if, let's say hypotetically 30% of people use Windows, 30% some Linux flavor, 30% Mac, 10% other OS, it will be quite harder to determine which system to target. Today is faily simple, if I want a bot-net I will focus on Windows and IE, because I have about a 80%~90% of the systems at my disposal. Also, Windows desperately needs to restrict User access and make BIG ANNOYING WARNINGS when you are connected as Admin. Most people I know that uses windows are always logged on as admins, because it seems they install/remove drivers, applications and so on all the time I think this is the biggest problem of Windows now a day (and that somehow it self-destructs given enough time)

Comment Re:dumb summary again (Score 1) 353

I don't know how this works in the US (in terms of legal matters), but I live in Argentina, and we have a sort of protection against abusive service contracts (the pre-accorded contracts service providers use that you can't negotiate). So, if you sign a contract in which you can't modify a clause by negotiation you can sue if you think it is abusive, then it's up to a judge and lawyers to determine if you are right or wrong. In this case, the EULA is a kind of pre-accorded contract that you can't negotiate, so I think there must be some kind of laws protecting the people from accepting something that is abusive, and as you point, after you paid $500 to find out you don't agree to their policies.

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