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Comment: Re:Adult Gaming? Hah! (Score 1) 343

by lblack (#27913731) Attached to: On the Advent of Controversial Video Games

The last few weeks of the course were the best because it is when they stop giving you ethical models that they punch holes in (utilitarianism, relativisim, etc), and deliver something to actually believe in. Did you show up or drop out?

I'll assume that by "last few weeks of the course", you mean "last semester of 200-level classes", as that would adequately explain your unfamiliarity with analytical marxism and the limits of liberal egalitarianism, not to mention the adherence to utilitarianism evident in the decision making of corporations and governments.

It's funny, though, I can't recall anybody suggesting that I was at school to be delivered something to actually believe in. Another tragic ethical violation in my education and upbringing, apparently. They maintained (insidiously) that the purpose of my instruction was to amass knowledge.

Comment: Re:Adult Gaming? Hah! (Score 3, Funny) 343

by lblack (#27912339) Attached to: On the Advent of Controversial Video Games

Aha, but Morals are based on Ethics. And Ethics is quite definitive.

Man, I wish somebody had explained that ethics are quite definitive back before I spent all that time taking ethics courses. Apparently, my professors neglected to identify that there is broad agreement over what is and is not ethical, and how to determine an ethical course of action. All their silly talk of utilitarianism, pragmatism, stoicism, normative ethics, descriptive ethical systems, subjectivism, objectivism, altruism, ad nauseum, was really just to rack up the credit hours.

Not very ethical of them, I guess.

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