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Comment: Re:I blame the Bayh-Dole act (Score 1) 84

by lbbros (#42740781) Attached to: How Open Source Could Benefit Academic Research
I had already tried - and got rejected. It's not that "sits in the dark corners of my disk" - I use it regularly (daily), but I'd love to spread it around (also more eyeballs around etc etc).

It doesn't help that I'm the only one doing this in my institution.

And to answer other replies, I had a *huge* flame with a Detroit professor because he wanted to keep other things closed - luckily I won that battle and the stuff went out as LGPL.

Comment: Re:I blame the Bayh-Dole act (Score 1) 84

by lbbros (#42735237) Attached to: How Open Source Could Benefit Academic Research
Actually, no. Code can be the matter of a paper - and by releasing it, you may break the "novelty" aspect and never publish anything.

I have a bunch of software I've been very willing to set free (it has already even GPL3 headers!) but I can't, because it might be publishable one day.

And so, it'll keep on being hidden...

Comment: Re:KMail (Score 2) 464

by lbbros (#42232157) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Current State of Linux Email Clients?

Actually, after getting out in (very rough shape) in 4.7, KMail got a new maintainer, and he's been fixing bugs and improving things like crazy (look at the commits by "montel").

Also other people have been working on other parts of the infrastructure and there are more fixes on the way.

Lastly, you're putting together two things unrelated to each other: Akonadi is a local cache for PIM data (contacts, mails, calendars...), while Nepomuk is a framework used to organize data semantically (and used a lot in other bits of the KDE platform), which is used in Akonadi to store mail and contact data for searching.

Comment: Re:Slightly less dysfunction (Score 1) 881

by lbbros (#41882535) Attached to: Nate Silver's Numbers Indicate Probable Obama Win, World Agrees

Compared to Romney, Obama is likely to be somewhat less friendly to hedge funds and private equity companies

Disclaimer: I'm not a US citizen and I found the presidential election to be a fight between two pygmies.

However, did the "less friendly" included giving a massive bailout that basically socialized the losses made by the people who created the subprime bubble?

In Nature there are neither rewards nor punishments, there are consequences. -- R.G. Ingersoll