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Comment Handicapping (Score 0) 16 16

I discovered that home teams preform differently than away teams relative to the weather. I discovered this 20 years ago and recently designed an algorithm that makes sports predictions. I currently sell my picks online. I am the best handicapper out of thousands that document every pick at pickmonitor.

Comment Re:Unsustainable (Score 0) 252 252

Before the car leaves your driveway, it already has programmed the route and reserved its personal spot on the rail. As long as it stays on time it will have a clear path to its destination. Each road may consist of three rails and or turn offs. The main computer takes care of all the cars on the rails and your car only needs to run its route on time.

Comment Unsustainable (Score 0) 252 252

It's still not going to be sustainable for the size of the population that we will someday have. Computer driven cars can only solve a few of the problems. If they were on rails they would be 80% more efficient. It would cut the weight of the vehicle by over 70%. It would travel to your destination without ever having to stop. It would never crash and would be able to run in any weather.

Comment Re:Wait for Confirmation (Score 0) 95 95

I remember that well.. I was really upset when they claimed they found it. I did not believe it at first... Then a month later MIT confirmed it... Not sure why they would.. Seemed like a conspiracy. There are some models that say it can't exist in this universe. I was glad to see that it was just a debacle, it would of destroyed my model.

Comment Re:bumblebees have range? (Score 0) 225 225

I may be witnessing a vertical movement of bumblebees. I have a 5 year old apple orchard located on the north shore of Lake Superior. Each year the bumble bee population increases exponentially. I never knew there were so many types of bees. They must be moving here because of the cooler temps near the Lake. I wish I had the time to document all the different types.

Comment Evolution is a Three Body System (Score 0) 305 305

The illusion that humans can actually think is relative to the amount of energy we steal from the next generations, in order to pump up our fake ego's. When you break things down into their fundamental parts, they always fall into three pieces. This is common EVERYTHING from atoms to evolution. Politics, science and religion work as a three body system. The battles between the three gnorant entities ensure that we evolve at the proper speed, not to fast and not too slow. Evolution has a mechanical flow, we are not an intellegent species.

Comment Re:Fear of Driving (Score 0) 176 176

It's the most ignorant form of transportation in the universe. If you add the cost of the injured to the equation, it's easy to see just how unsustainable it is. It would be equal to a global zombie outbreak. The only answer that I can come up with is that we are not an intelligent species.

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