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Comment Tracing back to origins (Score 0) 90

The tracing back to when life started and when the universe started. They are the same. You can only go to the same distance in both. It means that you need another explanation another paradigm shift. It's too late to comment, but I do understand this and found an explanation to solve it.

Comment Re:Icy Roads (Score 0) 142

The rails would not need switches. The intersections would be without rails. The cars would glide through and pick up the rails on the other side. The cars would need to get off the track and drive for short distances at very low speeds. The track will carry all utilities inside it. The current transportation system needs to be changed and replaced with one that is designed for future population size.

Comment Re:To be clear, "treated sewage" ... (Score 0) 134

It makes me wonder how illegal workers get from California to other parts of the country. They all start as field workers in California. Do they ride in the back of produce trucks to get to their final destination? If so, they would be locked in there for a long time. It would be kinda messy.

Comment Re:What method of "calculating" intelligent? (Score 0) 82

There is so much we don't know about everything. Every new discovery leads to more questions. There are no true constants in this universe. Everyone is different, able to see and think differently, that is the key to intelligence. We are too attached to our egos......Mass equels intelegence. . intelegence is gained only when our population is increasing. We may eventually reach true intelegence at 16 billion, we are at 7 billion now.

I've got a bad feeling about this.