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Comment: Evolution is a Three Body System (Score 0) 305 305

The illusion that humans can actually think is relative to the amount of energy we steal from the next generations, in order to pump up our fake ego's. When you break things down into their fundamental parts, they always fall into three pieces. This is common EVERYTHING from atoms to evolution. Politics, science and religion work as a three body system. The battles between the three gnorant entities ensure that we evolve at the proper speed, not to fast and not too slow. Evolution has a mechanical flow, we are not an intellegent species.

Comment: Re:Fear of Driving (Score 0) 176 176

It's the most ignorant form of transportation in the universe. If you add the cost of the injured to the equation, it's easy to see just how unsustainable it is. It would be equal to a global zombie outbreak. The only answer that I can come up with is that we are not an intelligent species.

Comment: Re:This should be a given.. (Score 0) 47 47

TFP should be in the art section. Protein folding is based on hexagons and is very complex. Glycine and proline are the main reasons why folding is so hard to figure out. My work shows that if you twist the protein hard enough, you will see all the motifs. The problem is that the two problem aminos run off some type of quantum scales.

Comment: Trick Questions (Score 1) 330 330

Just a symptom of humans in the early stages of evolution. Illegal immigration leads to a form of slavery. Legal immigration eventually ends racism. If MTV promoted sheep raping to the normally sexually confused youth the way they promoted gay life, things would be much different. Most of the issues we face can be solved by understanding that humans are not yet an intelligent species. If population size is relative to intelligence we need another 7 billion.

Work without a vision is slavery, Vision without work is a pipe dream, But vision with work is the hope of the world.