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Comment Timing Genes (Score 0) 79

I once tried to locate timing genes due to the shape of the protein.... I cant remember the amino acid sequence I was after. Hoping to get back into that project someday. It would be the most important gene in the genome. Worthy of a patent.

Comment Ice Age Question (Score 1) 138

Can the arctic ocean be open during an ice age? It seems that if the arctic ocean stays open during the winter, the polar vortex would seek the path of least resistance and settle over a continent. The jet stream would change also. This could explain why palm pollen from the Caribien was found in core samples in northwestern Canada. It's kinda like what's going on now with our weather.

Comment The Difference (Score -1) 545

The difference is that both parents are slaves. There was a time that people looked out of the window to see the weather and environment. People had the time to realize that something was out of place or that something in the neighborhood as unsafe. People would watch as the kids moved down the street. The other problem is that our global transportation systems need to be thrown in the dumpster. It's a global disgrace. The amount of energy consumed with our current system is unsustainable, meaning we are doomed if we don't change it. We need a system that is twice as fast using 10 times less energy.

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