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Comment Don't Musk. Invest in Musk (Score 4, Interesting) 824

"I would Musk and try to save the world, but that just exposes me to the same type of a$#@%&*s that made me sell minecraft again."

You don't have to try to be Musk. If you don't feel the need to get into that or be that sort of creative, at least you can recognize the people who do/are. Call him. You don't need to buy public shares when you have that kind of money. You invest in other people who are trying to change the world.

Keep some for yourself and enjoy your life while knowing that your money is helping to change the world. Don't like what Musk is doing? He's just an example. Fine something you believe in and invest.

I would blow it on something I found ridiculously cool. Like hardened, high-speed em-drive interstellar probes or something. But to each his own.

Comment Fueling Stations Have Electricity Right? (Score 1) 904

All of this speculation that "gas stations" will start closing is complete BS. They will just put in charging stations so they still have the traffic that gets people to buy higher margin items like snacks. And the last time I checked every fueling station has electricity. Demands change. Businesses change to adapt.

Submission + - US Navy Tests 3D-Printing Custom Drones On Its Ships->

itwbennett writes: Researchers at the Naval Postgraduate School are testing the use of 3D printers on ships to produce custom drones outfitted for specialized missions. The idea, said Alan Jaeger, a faculty research associate at the school, is that ships could set sail with kits of the core electronics parts, since they are common to most drones, but have the bodies designed according to specific requirements for each mission. A prototype drone was designed by engineers on shore based on requirements of the sailors at sea, and the 3D design file was emailed to the USS Essex over a satellite link. Flight tests revealed some of the potential problems, most of which were associated with operating the drone rather than the printing itself, Jaeger said. 'Even with a small amount of wind, something this small will get buffeted around,' he said. They also had to figure out the logistics of launching a drone from a ship, getting it back, how it integrated with other flight operations, and interference from other radio sources like radar.
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Comment Too Far Away (Score 4, Interesting) 134

It is 1400 light years away. It may be a good candidate for life, but we will never know. Even if we point SETI-type radio telescopes at it and monitor it for signals, they will have spent 1400 years getting to us and there is no guarantee that whatever civilization was there is still there. Chances of a "conversation" are nil.

If we detect life-emitting organic compounds on it, it also won't matter. We'd never be able to verify their veracity because we cannot get there.

Interesting discovery, but I can't muster up much excitement about this one.

Comment I'd Like the Old Internet Back Please (Score 4, Insightful) 127

I don't care what happens to websites that rely on advertising revenue to stay alive. I preferred the "web" when the content was provided by enthusiasts, not corporate clowns. And yes, that definitely includes this web site.

I don't feel even the slightest bit of shame for blocking ads. You use technology against me. I'll use it against you.

Comment Re:OMG (Score 1) 84

If you are caught trading with Cuba in goods that are the product of an American company (HP, Dell, Ford, etc etc), even if you are not located in the US the parent company is (were) subject to stiff fines and your license to sell said products would almost certainly be revoked. So, for example, if a Canadian-based reseller made the mistake of selling an HP computer to a Cuban company, that reseller may find their HP reseller status revoked. Big risk.

This is American reach you see. That is why it hurts so much.

Comment I certainly Hope So (Score 1) 294

I sure hope we create the species that is above us. We're terrible at traveling through space (susceptible to radiation, decaying bodies, reliance on organic-based food, etc). At least something from this Earth should populate the galaxy. Magical wormholes and warp drives are not going to save us before we ultimately become self-defeating.

Comment Re:What is the point? (Score 1) 340

"Do not look at laser with remaining good eye."

You are either Brian (the guy who created the sign), the laser scanner guy we wrote the sign for (at Corel) who's name I can't remember, or your sig is an incredible coincidence. If you're the guy, I really should tell you the rest of the story -- It's hilarious.

Comment Re:Good question, not answered: (Score 2) 116

Democracy is rule by the result of a popularity contest, and no government wants to be caught having the charge of "not protecting the people" leveled against them because that makes them unpopular. Not the current government, and not the next one either.

In a year and a half when the election is in full-swing someone will ask Justin if he will repeal it. He'll avoid the question (probably), and even if he agrees to it, he'll renege once he is elected. Why? Because it's good for him to have it in place, and the existing government will be painted with the brush of unpopularity for introducing it.

As you've stated, what is needed is oversight. But sadly while we live in a democracy every government we elect will want to monitor and track us, while pretending that they mostly don't. Because arresting people before they do something is popular. And appearing reactionary after the fact is unpopular. That's the nature of the beast.

Comment Why Under the Sea? (Score 2) 149

Each time we do this, we tunnel (at great cost) under the ocean floor. While the engineering involved is impressive, I can't help but wonder why we don't just build a tunnel on the sea floor (by manufacturing the materials on dry land and then just sinking them to the bottom and sealing them up). Is the problem that we don't have the submersible technology, or robotic technology to do the finishing work, or is there something else I'm missing?

This can't be the best way to build a tunnel through the water.

Comment NASA Doesn't Think So (Score 5, Informative) 667

NASA seems to think that climate change is being caused by human activities and they back it up with a lot of references to studies on the matter. IMHO, we're never going to convince people to change their behaviors or give up their luxuries. If we want to make a difference we need to develop the technologies that make it more advantageous to adopt the renewable solution (like kick-ass cars and cheaper home energy).

Comment Re: Where's the Beef? (Score 1) 73

Thanks for the chuckle, you certainly have a way with words! I understand where you are coming from now. Many many years ago I was invited to give a speech to Canadian MPs in Centre Block about censorship and how to protect the vulnerable from exploitation. What I discovered doing this is that government is run by people who have time on their hands (it doesn't pay enough to attract the gainfully employable crowd). I also discovered that getting drunk with the 'lumber lobby' and the strippers they brought with them was more important than technology or how it will be used in the future.
For the record, only conservatives showed up to the presentation. The liberals, NDP, and bloc were partying (hard). The Bloc MPs were completely smashed!
Point is, I'm not surprised they did a shitty job. But I think your particular hatred for the current ruling party is, not misplaced, but deserving of all of them. Politicians are incompetent and corrupt universally. And I still maintain that the ISPs are punishing them for this. A single phone call to the minister about the request would have prevented the whole issue in the first place. Now they "have to talk". You know what that is going to sound like? "Hey, bro, why are you busting my balls? Listen, I can get you an invite to our next party - the mining lobby really knows how to put it on..."

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