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Comment: Re:Curious economics of private spaceflight (Score 1) 60

by lawnboy5-O (#48234213) Attached to: SpaceX Capsule Returns To Earth With Lab Results
Yeah the thing about (the modern American) ardent libertarian is that they are usually utterly, 180 degrees wrong. It's sort of like teaching Ayn Rand in a undergrad philosophy class on ethics or even metaphysics - it has no place to be taken seriously

Those in power... you mean the people when their representation still had a modicum of integrity?

Honestly - one non-sequitur leap to another - what is it that you are saying?

Comment: Re:Lower cost for H1B ? In your dreams .... (Score 2) 341

by lawnboy5-O (#47336549) Attached to: If Immigration Reform Is Dead, So Is Raising the H-1B Cap
I have first hand experience with it - and it's clear, as the message came from the top to drive down wages... look for foreign workers. Laws be dammed, particularly in right to work states. It's a sad but real truth to this situation of immigration. Is it everywhere - of course not - but I'd wager mostly everywhere.

Comment: Oligarch's Game (Score 3, Insightful) 538

by lawnboy5-O (#47290061) Attached to: Teaching College Is No Longer a Middle Class Job
Evermore, even our education system in the USA is now a "big" business, just like healthcare - this is despicable. Its a disgrace. It's been going on for decades, albeit at a somewhat chelonian pace; and now it's accelerating. Keep on voting GOP and corporate clown Dems... and this result will continue. Young people- you must get and vote - save your generation. Mine is lost to the oligarchs.

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