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Journal: KVM recommendations

Journal by Tet

I appear to be in the market for a new KVM as my current one has all but stopped working. Any recommendations? Minimum 4 outputs. *Must* do VGA. My current one has mini-DIN for keyboard and mouse, which has sort of worked some of the time with USB-PS2 converters. I could probably go for a full USB only one, but I'd need to get new cables.

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Journal: WTF? 1

Journal by Tet

leto:/stuff% mkdir mp3
mkdir: cannot create directory `mp3': No space left on device
leto:/stuff% mkdir qwe
leto:/stuff% mv qwe mp3
leto:/stuff% ls -ld mp3
drwxrwxr-x. 2 tet tet 4096 Dec 22 20:53 mp3
leto:/stuff% df -h .
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/leto-stuff 30G 9.9G 19G 35% /stuff
leto:/stuff% df -hi .
Filesystem Inodes IUsed IFree IUse% Mounted on

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Journal: Vindicated 4

Journal by Tet

My decision to rip all of my audio losslessly to FLAC has been vindicated. I rip to Vorbis as well, but I always thought it was worth having the lossless originals around too. That way, if a new codec arrived on the scene at a later date, I could rerip to that without any further loss of quality. That codec is now here. Hello, Opus!


Journal: Javascript 1

Journal by Tet

I'd forgotten how much I hated Javascript. I very much appear better suited to server programming than to web programming...

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Journal: On the merits of redundancy 3

Journal by Tet

Some people think I'm paranoid. I wouldn't say so. It's just that I pay more attention to the potential worst case outcome that some. So when it comes to storage, I have a mirrored RAID array in my home server. The contents are backed up to a separate disk in the same machine. I also have an offsite backup in a datacentre.

Comment: Re:Ha (Score 1) 11

by Tet (#39964321) Attached to: Phew, you need a tough skin for an Ask Slashdot

I'll ask my electrician for a full size rack on wheels, but if he can't get one, the wall mount it is

Unless you need the full 42u, I'd definitely go for something smaller. A half-ish rack on wheels should be more than adequate, will be less imposing, and they're relatively cheap, too. We have a couple in the office at work because the few machines that aren't in one of the data centres don't need a full height permanent rack. I can't believe there isn't a suitable supplier in Luxembourg, given the number of financial institutions there. But if not, there should be plenty in Germany, right?

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