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Comment: Tax IP Usage (Score 1) 312

by laughingskeptic (#48717623) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Should We Do About the DDoS Problem?
Make ISPs want to put their customer's behind NATed firewalls in order to avoid this tax. This would cut down on the botnet infection rate and make these infections more visible to the ISPs themselves. Grandma's computer does not need and really should not have an internet routable address. The 'service' ISPs are providing their customers has not evolved since the 1990's but the nature of the internet has drastically changed.

Comment: Just a small matter of science and technology (Score 2) 216

by laughingskeptic (#48500099) Attached to: How the Rollout of 5G Will Change Everything

From Wikipedia:

Terahertz radiation occupies a middle ground between microwaves and infrared light waves, and technology for generating and manipulating it is in its infancy, and is the subject of research. This lack of technology is called the terahertz gap. It represents the region in the electromagnetic spectrum that the frequency of electromagnetic radiation becomes too high to be measured by digitally counting cycles using electronic counters, and must be measured by the proxy properties of wavelength and energy. Similarly, in this frequency range the generation and modulation of coherent electromagnetic signals ceases to be possible by the conventional electronic devices used to generate radio waves and microwaves, and requires new devices and techniques.

Comment: Counterpoint (Score 1) 204

by laughingskeptic (#48397887) Attached to: Your Incompetent Boss Is Making You Unhappy
One of the best bosses I ever had was technically clueless. He had been the company's best salesman. When he wanted to travel less, the president made him our fledgling team's director. He viewed his new job's duty as 'selling the team to management'. He figured out what management wanted for him to look good and shared that with us. His attitude was 'make me look good and I'll make you look good'. He also understood his cluelessness and asked about what to read. He would take books like Steve McConnell's Rapid Development, photocopy chapters and read them one by one while he ran on his treadmill in the evenings. It was always fun noting his progress based on his behavior and questions. Seriously one of the best bosses ever and taken way too young by Lou Gehrig's.

Comment: Re:Misleading- Good will is common accounting (Score 3, Interesting) 255

Accountants from the 1970s will tell you that having good will on your books means you made a dumb decision at some point. Modern accounting practice is to assign as much value of a major purchase as possible to 'Good Will' because of the associated write off. If you review the fortune 100's annual filings you will find them full of purchases of lesser companies where the majority of the value of the purchase was assigned to 'Good Will'. Since the IRS takes 'Good Will' assignment at face value, why wouldn't you take as big of a write off as possible if you are a business spending money?

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