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Comment Cement was invented over 3000 years ago (Score 1) 289

Choose what to keep and build up. Their real problem is their inaccessibility and their failure to spin that as 'exclusivity'. They need a marketing guy and an invasion of rich people and pretenders in order to have the revenue needed to use their existing islands as the future foundations of some of the worlds most exclusive resorts.

Comment Hospital networks vulnerable (Score 1) 116

In my experience, the hospital networks are also extremely vulnerable. IT at hospitals is focused on making sure interactions with insurance go smoothly, the doctors are happy and the next remodel. They have added guest networks to appease their clientele without one thought to security. The result being you can see anything from anywhere, so not only are hospitals full of vulnerable equipment, they are full of vulnerable easily accessed equipment.

Comment Slanted PoV (Score 2) 345

The article complains that "Despite their best attempts, they were unable to collect enough species (Diazona angulata) to obtain sufficient amounts of the precious chemical.". However this article omits a significant detail: a biologically active analog of diazonamide A was synthesized in 2003 AND he is listed as one of the authors.

Comment Every Agency has special agents (Score 1) 83

Special agents tap phones in the pursuit of legal cases. Its not that shocking that the IRS has stingrays. The FDA probably has them too. Back in the 80s I had a friend whose phone was tapped by the IRS because he was a manager for an idiot that absconded with the employee withholding and blew that money along with another million or so dollars at a strip club. It took the IRS a while to believe that the business owner really was that big of an idiot and they did a thorough investigation before deciding not to throw him in prison and just garnish his wages till the end of time.

Comment Taliban retreated to hospital (Score 1) 410

We attacked the Taliban at night. They retreated straight to the hospital (likely expecting a safe haven). The C-130 was tracking their movements from above and fired its computer aimed cannons on them as they retreated. Either the C-130's display was lacking the exclusion zone or in the heat of the firefight the 18 year old soldier feeding coordinates to the cannon via the infrared display (it is eerily similar to a video game) failed to notice the exclusion zone. The exclusion zone would have appeared as a transparent polygon overlay on the display. It is possible that the fight so quickly moved into the exclusion zone that the operator missed that the entire series of events was occurring inside the zone.

Kunduz became the front line last week. The front line is not a good place for a hospital, why hadn't DWB evacuated?

Comment 'Choices' codeword for lack of solutions (Score 2) 147

If they had an electrolyte that worked in this application they wouldn't be talking about all the possible choices. They would tell us what worked.

"For this solid electrolyte, we have plenty of choices. We can use gelled polymer electrolytes, made by swelling a polymer matrix with an electrolyte solution, or we can solidify ionic liquids by adding polymers or silica nanopowder. This nonleaking design, together with a virtually unlimited number of charge and discharge cycles, means that our supermicrocapacitors will likely outlast all other electronic devices on the chip. Such long life will be particularly useful whenever it is inconvenient or dangerous to open things up to replace a power source, as in pacemakers, defibrillators, and other medical implants."

Electrical and magnet fields occur in 3 dimensions, not one. They can talk about the gap between the fingers of their layout, but their effective average gap in 3D is probably closer to PI*center_distance/2 which gives a lesser result for the expected capacitance. Their max voltage with a given electrolyte is limited to the closest edge, but that is not how a physicist would compute expected capacitance.

Comment Re:Negative pricing is huge incentive for batterie (Score 1) 211

"Just"? Hydrogen is very inefficient to compress and not very useful uncompressed. If you react it to store it, then you have thermal losses going both directions and because hydrogen has an atomic weight of 1, anything you mix it with for storage purposes will have a relatively low energy density. Over time it turns even the hardest steels brittle and is a pain to handle. And then there is the fact that it is an explosion hazard. There is no "Just" when it comes to hydrogen.

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