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+ - Shooting at MIT->

Submitted by Aphonia
Aphonia (1315785) writes "There was a shooting at MIT. A police officer is down, near the home of CSAIL.
"Update on shooter incident. Responding agencies continue to investigate the situation. The scene is outside of Building 32 (Stata) and 76 (Koch) near Vassar and Main Streets. Injuries have been reported. The situation is still very active and we ask everyone to stay inside. ""

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Comment: Not the First Time This Has Happened (Score 5, Informative) 301

by laughingman4929 (#35663752) Attached to: Newspaper Plagiarizes Blog, Taunts Real Author
I simply googled a few lines from some of her other posts, and saw that has happened before. For Example googling "Michelle and their two-year-old daughter are dragged into the fray, the No" from her article Pulls up a summary from this site, which was published months earlier.

+ - 4chan hacks Plainfield, NJ School District->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Visitors of 4chan's Technology board used admin credentials to access the school's Genesis management system and wreak havok (text mirror of thread here). Users from the board posted screenshots of their shenanigans, which included suspending students for drug trafficking, making installing Gentoo a sport, and sending out a message from Richard Stallman as an emergency broadcast to parents.

The school has posted a message indicating that the Genesis system is down, but has yet to publicly acknowledge that a breach occurred."

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Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch Provokes Bomb Scare 186

Posted by samzenpus
from the how-does-it-um-how-does-it-work dept.
Bomb disposal teams were called in and a nearby pub evacuated after water company engineers mistook a Monty Python film prop for a hand grenade. After nearly an hour of examination by bomb experts, they counted to three. No more. No less. Three was the number they counted, and the number they counted was three. Four they did not count, nor two, except to proceed to three. Five was right out. Once the number three had been reached, being the third number, they declared that the grenade was actually a copy of the "Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch" used in the film Monty Python And The Holy Grail. A police spokeswoman confirmed that the device was a toy and that it had been no danger to the public.
The Internet

Olympic Web Site Features Pirated Content 235

Posted by kdawson
from the do-as-I-say dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Despite all the emphasis on protecting Olympic copyrights in China this year, the official web site of the Beijing Olympics features a Flash game that is a blatant copy of one of the games developed at The Pencil Farm. Compare the game on the Olympic site with 'Snow Day' at The Pencil Farm."
United States

SPAM: Golha o Shirinee

Journal by Jeremiah Cornelius

Sweets and Flowers

(QUESTIONER): Vice President Cheney yesterday said that he expects that American forces will be greeted as liberators and I wonder if you could tell us if you agree with that and how you think they'll be greeted and also what you meant you said before that some Iraqi opposition groups might be in Baghdad even before American forces?


Is AMD Dead Yet? 467

Posted by kdawson
from the pining-for-the-fjords dept.
TheProcess writes "Back in February 2003, IBM predicted that AMD would be dead in 5 years (original article here), with IBM and Intel the only remaining players in the chip market. Well, 5 years have passed and AMD is still alive. However, its finances and stock price have taken a serious beating over the last year. AMD was once a darling in this community — the plucky, up-and-coming challenger to the Intel behemoth. Will AMD still be here in 5 years? Can they pose a credible competitive threat to Intel's dominance? Do they still have superior but unappreciated technology? Or are they finally old hat? Can they really recover?"

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