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Submission + - Beyond Google Chrome->

latif writes: "Google Chrome's user interface is fairly minimal to what came before, but there is room for improvement. In fact, there is enough room for improvement that we can add an order of magnitude more functionality with better usability in the same space as Google Chrome's Omnibox. The key to better usability is a new user interface widget that covers a large gamut of browser features. The new widget gives a uniform interface to bookmarks, web history, web search and even the address bar."
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Submission + - Firefox 4 startup twice as slow as Firefox 3.6 1

latif writes: Firefox users have complained for ages about Firefox startup speed. Many have even
moved on to Google Chrome because of the issue. Unfortunately, the problem is not registering with the folks at Mozilla. Instead of taking serious steps to resolve the issue, someone at Mozilla brushed off the issue as a perception problem that needs to be resolved via user-interface tweaks.

The Firefox startup performance issue has finally blown up. In browser performance benchmarks conducted by Gizmodo,
Firefox 4 Beta 7 came dead last in browser startup speed. It was taking upwards of 20 seconds on cold startups which is nearly twice as slow as Firefox 3.6. Is this the end of Firefox?

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