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+ - ASSA Evo lock picked with a feeler blade

Submitted by lars_stefan_axelsson
lars_stefan_axelsson (236283) writes "ASSA Abloy, the world's leading maker of locks and accessories have had several problems with their newest line of locks, the EVO 2000 series. Last in the line of woes is the demonstration that one can unlock them from the outside using only a cheap set of feeler blades. This news is of course extra embarrassing as the EVO line is supposed to be the most secure ever (e.g. by featuring a hook bolt that anchors the door to the frame instead of the usual sliding bolt) While a protective flap over the crack between door and frame would make this attack a lot less likely to succeed, it's still embarrassing that a major lock manufacturer would overlook such a simple flaw in this day and age."

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