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User Journal

Journal: Death and Rich Internet Applications 1

Journal by larry bagina
Remember Rich Internet Applications (RIA -- not to be confused with RIAA)? Three years ago, they were the new hotness, with frameworks like Cappuccino, SproutCore, and (less buzz, but just as interesting) GWT getting their fair share of virtual ink. They promised desktop-quality applications in the browser with better development methodologies. GWT let you develop and debug your web app in java and then compile to javascript. Cappuccino (from a group of former Apple employees) re-implemented the Cocoa/OpenStep libraries and even the objective C language in javascript. And SproutCore copied Cocoa ideas, but with javascript/ruby sensibilities. Apple liked SproutCore enough to hire the developers and used it instead of Web Objects for iWork, iCloud, et cetera.

But then what?

GWT is still around and developed, but they've moved on to the next big thing, i.e., dart.

280 North, the Cappuccino developers, was bought up by Motorola a year ago for $20 million.

Strobe, the primary developers of SproutCore, were bought up by Facebook a couple weeks ago.

Since these projects are all under Free (MIT, Apache, and LGPL) licenses, they won't disappear (in fact, they're still receiving minor updates). But when their primary (or only) developers get bored or cash out, it's safe to say they'll soon stagnate, which is a shame, really.

User Journal

Journal: Eric Raymond: GPL no longer needed 1

Journal by larry bagina

Eric Raymond, gasbag and/or Open Source leader, recently claimed the GPL is no longer needed. "if the market punished people for taking open source closed, then why do our licenses need to punish people for taking open source closed? That is why I don't think you really need GPL or a reciprocal licenses anymore. It is attempting to prevent the behavior that the market punishes anyway.".

He has a point. If Open Source is truly a better development model, then it will beat closed source on its own merits and doesn't need viral clauses.

Flame on!

User Journal

Journal: Software I purchased in 2008

Journal by larry bagina

Here's the (Macintosh) software I purchased in 2008:

1) Adobe CS3 Master Collection. (I bought this with the educational discount). I was originally going to buy just the web developer pack, but decided I might as well spend a little more and get everything. Big waste of money. Soundbooth (soemthing I was interested in) has almost no features. Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Photoshop are the only apps I've used (primarily Fireworks). The UI is slow, painful, and non-standard -- not entirely their fault -- these are basically applications designed before OS X. On second thought, if you're charging $2500 or more, it is your fault. Adobe: you suck. Shit or get off the can.

2) Coda. Coda looks and feels like Apple's take on Dreamweaver. It lacks some of the features, but not enough for me to stop using Dreamweaver completely. If they did a Fireworks-type app I'd never use Adobe again.

3) SubEthaEdit. A nice little text editor (used by Coda). It's designed for real-time collaborative editing over the internet, though I haven't tried that. For some reason, it feels a little bit nicer than TextWrangler, though I don't know why.

4) Versions. A subversion browser. It's a little pricey (IMO), and yes, I know all the cool kids have switched to git. However, I still use svn for my repositories. Using a gui is easier (and more accurate) than typing out full pathnames, for tagging, etc.

5) Tax Cut 2007. Almost forgot about that, since I use it for a week and hopefully never again.

User Journal

Journal: Hans Resiser admits?

Journal by larry bagina
Wired is reporting that Linux programmer/convicted murderer Hans Reiser may now admit to murdering (and revealing her location) his wife in exchange for a second degree murder charge, which would make him eligible for parole in 2023 or so. I wonder if they'd overlook his perjury.
User Journal

Journal: Your favorite keyboard? 4

Journal by larry bagina

Keyboards seem to be the sort of thing many slashdotters are over emotional about (and why not? You do spend a significant amount of time using one). I'm in the market for a new keyboard (for a Mac, but I can scrape off the window key). On the mac side, the best keyboard seems to be either a Apple Extended Keyboard (or II) plus an ADB/USB adapter or a Matias tactile pro.

On the other side, Unicomp makes buckling spring (IBM Model M) USB keyboards, and Das Keyboard is supposed to be fairly high quality (I like markings for rarely used keys, however). There seem to be a lot of people still using old IBM Model Ms with a PS/2-USB adapter.

Are there any other keyboards that aren't lowest common denominator material?

User Journal

Journal: Intel in the embedded market

Journal by larry bagina

With plans for low power x86 cpus to be used in mobile internet devices (their vision of awkwardly large internet capable cell phones), Intel may be trying to dethrone ARM. As someone who appreciates the elegance of the ARM instruction set, (and someone afraid of an intel heater anywhere near my nads), I was a little troubled by this announcement, but let the best processor win.

Intel has in interesting history with ARM: they received DEC's StrongARM as part of a lawsuit settlement, which was later replaced with the XScale. XScale was sold to Marvell last year, but intel still manufacturers their chips.

User Journal

Journal: Apple's side of the NBC pissing match

Journal by larry bagina

Apple, Inc. issued a press release with their side of the iTunes/NBC disagreement.

In short: iTunes will not sell any episodes for this season (they could sell new episodes through the end of the year). Additionally, NBC wanted $4.99 per episode, rather than the current $1.99. That's more than twice as expensive as buying a season on DVD.

User Journal

Journal: Open Source Tattoos?

Journal by larry bagina

I've decided to get a tattoo. I'd like for it to be open source, or as close to that as possible. I'm using a modified version of Tux (He'll be grabbing his crotch with one hand and flipping the bird with the other) and the banner "Don't fuck wid da penguin!" above him. Are there any open source directions for giving yourself a tattoo?

Also, I work in a windows shop (gotta pay the bills). Will this adversely affect my career potential?

User Journal

Journal: GCC 4.2.1 released 449

Journal by larry bagina
GCC 4.2.1 was released 4 days ago. Although this minor update would otherwise be insignificant, it will be the final GPL v2 release; all future releases will be GPL v3. Some key contributors are grumbling over this change and have privately discussed a fork to stay as GPL v2. The last time GCC forked (EGCS), the FSF conceded defeat. How will the FSF/GNU handle the GPL 3 revolt?
User Journal

Journal: a new GNU kernel

Journal by larry bagina

Like many GNU/Linux users, I value my freedom. That's why it is important than GNU/Linux users only use GPL v3 licensed code to prevent companies from denying us our fundamental rights. Unfortunately, Linux Torvadles does not believe in this fundamental right. He has refusedt o relicense the Linux kernel with the GPL v3. Our only recourse is to create a new GPL v3 licensed kernel.

Current contenders are HURD and OpenSolaris. Both have drawbacks; HURD is, for all intents and purposes, vaporware. OpenSolaris is licensed under the CDDL, a non-GNU license. Sun has suggested they might relicense it as GPL v3, though this is not a given.

I have a better suggestion: Fork a copy of the FreeBSD kernel. This would give access to cool features like jail and ZFS which are not supported in linux.

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