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Comment Flawed argument and Environment (Score 1) 250

This slowdown in economic activity causes a recession...until once again their price goes up

If you were talking about a normal 'fiat' currency then yes I would agree. However if you have an absolutely fixed supply of currency then deflation is not an abnormal condition but the steady state. In such a condition I'm not sure that your argument holds because there is no point in holding off for when prices start to rise because they will not, at least not be any significant amount.

Even if you are right and steady-state deflation encourages people to hold off on purchases until they really need something perhaps this is not a bad thing. Reducing consumption is a good thing to do given the limited resources of the planet. As for the stability of the economy look at the UK recessions. The US is a relatively new country which had a rapidly developing and changing economy over the period you give also the measure used changes with different periods in the article you linked. If you look at the UK list then, except for the great depression, there is no real difference in the depth of the recessions but there may be some indication that there were fewer, but longer, recessions before 1931 when the UK came off the gold standard. So I don't see the evidence to support your assertions.

Comment Input method lock-in (Score 1) 118

One of the reasons that I really dislike drag-and-drop methods of coding and schematic capture for circuits is that you end up locked in to one tool’s peculiar method of entry. If you decide you don’t like that editor, you’re stuck with it for old designs because you can’t always export and import proprietary formats. When writing code, I’m using a portable language, and I have my choice of compilers on different platforms.

PCB layout is one of those corner cases that’s so physically-oriented that some of the steps really need graphical interaction. However, the tools have to export to standard formats that are understood by the PCB manufacturers. As long as you have those formats, you can switch tools with some degree of success.

Comment Re:Um... not to should rude (Score 1) 515

Sure, but I bought it at the end of 2008 specifically knowing I'd run Vista on it, and my way of future proofing is as much cheaper trailing edge CPU as I can find, and as much RAM as I can afford -- especially since I'd seen our poor QA guys trying to run it on a cobbled together machine with 512MB of RAM.

It worked just fine until the machine keeled over about a year ago, but it was starting to push the memory (I was also running VMware on it).

Then I replaced with a box with an AMD FX-8320E/8 core and 16GB of RAM ... over many years I've found almost nothing future proofs a machine than what sounds like a stupid amount of RAM.

Part of the problem is I don't think "minimum specs" for a Windows machine has ever been anything but a lie. It's always required much more than MS ever claimed it should.

It still amazes me that people are still selling machines with 4GB of RAM like it was 10 years ago. That just screams of leaving people with machines with far too little resources.

Even in 2008 machines with 4GB of RAM wasn't nearly enough.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 515

Microsoft lying about minimum requirements.
The question is why?

Honestly, when machines had 4MB of RAM, but Windows was almost useless on it ... it was assumed it was largely because they wouldn't admit to real requirements.

They've been notoriously optimistic about actual requirements for years .. including Vista.

You can likely blame marketing for trying to downplay just how much it really needed.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 2, Insightful) 515

Boo hoo .. the multi-billion dollar corporation who spends billions of dollars annually can't maintain product releases and instead has decided the world gets to be their beta testers as they go to a shitty rolling release of incomplete software they've announced they'll force people to get.

I'm sorry, are we supposed to feel sorry because MS no longer wishes to to proper release engineering and life cycle management of their products? All so they can jam ads and analytics into our machines without our permission?

Fuck that.

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