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by landoltjp (#48035883) Attached to: David Cameron Says Brits Should Be Taught Imperial Measures

Canada adopted the metric system at THE SAME TIME as the US adopted it. Difference is that the Canadian government didn't cow-tow to the people whining and bitching about how difficult it was. The US people said "nu-uh" we're not going to do that. The individual states resisted. Metric was done in the US.

I was in grade school when metric was brought in (yep, that old), so I was at a disadvantage, adoption-wise. The generations before us continued to use Imperial measurements. The generation behind us would be much more comfortable using Metric. We got stuck with both.

My skis are 165Cm. I travel about 100km/h on the highway. I'm 5'10". For temperature, I do "cooler" as 20 Celsius and below, warmer as 70 Fahrenheit and above. We just adapt.

Comment: Don't Do it! - no growth, career limiting move. (Score 3, Insightful) 270

by landoltjp (#47926099) Attached to: College Students: Want To Earn More? Take a COBOL Class

Yes, sounds great. Make 10K more out of the gate. And if you're finding it tough to land a job right now, what a DEAL this is! You're employed! You're really needed since the number of COBOL programmers to support legacy systems are dying off (figuratively and literally).

There's the catch. They've got you. You don't know it, but they know it.

Next year, your fellow grads who got jobs are learning TONS of new things, other skills. Team building, real life design. Team leadership. They're getting mentored perhaps. They'll make their way up to intermediate, then senior developers. Maybe into architecture.

But you're still slogging through COBOL code. Supporting legacy systems.

And they can't afford to lose you, so your company (A Bank most likely - not the fastest moving group in the world (and I know since I've worked for three)). So you're still COBOL programming. But, y'know, thanks for the effort. Here's a 2K bonus.

Uour friends are now 2 years along in their careers, they're moving to new jobs, making 10-20K more since they can show job experience, skills experience, and real-life development qualities.

You're even or a bit behind, pay-wise. But they're going places. You're about to stand still, career-wise.

In a year they shoot past you, and that's that. You're standing still. Cost-of-living increases if you're lucky. But hey! We at the bank really appreciate it. So here's a nice mouse pad, and the latest patch release for COBOL on the Z-Frame.

So, no movement here. What to do? I know!! Other companies need COBOL programmers. I'll play the field and see who will throw me more money.

Great. You make a bit more money. Doing EXACTLY the same thing, somewhere else, with little if any career growth. It's possible you will always have a job, since COBOL is entrenched, and not going anywhere. But that's all you'll ever do. That and cut 1650 reels with your teeth.

Don't Do it. It's a trap.

Comment: Re:$200MM (Score 1) 107

BEfore 1976, M in docuents and reports was used to represent thousands (1,000s). With Metric (SI) adoption, that was replaced with K for the most part. and M was for million (1M equiv. 1 Million), as we're used to today.

But "back in the day", you'd see "MM" used to refer to Millions. It still shows up in company stock reports from time to time

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by landoltjp (#47634857) Attached to: What Do You Do When Your Mind-Numbing IT Job Should Be Automated?

I covered that with these

How will common / uncommon errors / exceptions be handled?
How will the script handle unknown or unexpected errors (ie. is it written to be resiliant)?
How will the script be monitoried (e.g. snmp stuff) to ensure it hasn't choked?

If an automation is well-designed, these will be a part of it.

Comment: Re:And who the fuck will maintain it? (Score 1) 228

by landoltjp (#47634847) Attached to: What Do You Do When Your Mind-Numbing IT Job Should Be Automated?

A friend of mine used to say "Accessibility is the Yellow Brick Road to Mediocrity". The proliferation of Scripting languages that anyone can use means that anyone DOES use it.

People with a Team-oriented software-development background, that take pride in their work, SHOULD turn out better, more comprehensible and supportable code, regardless of script language or compiled.

Comment: Tiered based on Video dimensions, not screen size (Score 2) 347

Rather than tiered based upon Screen Size, it;'s more likely that Katz meant it would be tiered based on Video dimensions. Many people have pointed out that it's hard for the delivery mechanism to know the target screen size. It's easy for the producer to generate a video at multiple video dimensions. The teirs would relate to standard screen sizes, increasing in cost per tier. For example:

Tier 1 - 320x240 or 640x360
Tier 2 - 640x480 or 800x450
Tier 3 - 800x600 or 960x540
Tier 4 - 1024x768 or 1024x576
Tier 5 - 1280x720
Tier 6 - 1920x1080

These are 4x3 and 16:9 resolutions. I'm sure they could make other resolutions available.
The idea is that lower resolution may be just fine for viewing on your phone or watch, but you'd want the Tier 5-6 dimensions for watching on a large TV. Try watching a 320x240 res video on your 40" display and you'll see what I mean.

Nothing to stop you from doing exactly that; you want to pay $1 and watch 320x240 res video on your 40" display? Sure, go ahead. But I'm betting it won't be as good as watching the 1920x1080 res video.

Except if it's a download of Twilight.

Comment: Religion OR spirituality - misleading title. (Score 1) 529

by landoltjp (#46491611) Attached to: Religion Is Good For Your Brain

Colour me shocked - an article that's troll-bait for people opposed to religion.

From the article (and the summary): "A thicker cortex associated with a high importance of religion OR SPIRITUALITY [my emphasis] may confer resilience to the development of depressive illness"

So, a different way to read this is that spiritiuality, not just (or not even) religion) can make a difference. I've seen it myself, and it's been shown (no source here) that when people have something "bigger than themselves" in which to believe, it gives them access to strength that wasn't readily available to them before.

I'm not talking about how people use relgion as a shield to be assholes. I'm not talking about how "foolish" it is to hold to a make-believe deity. I'm speaking about how some people derive stength from their faith.

"It doesn't matter what you believe in; just believe" I think is what Sheppard Book said to Cptn Reynolds.

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by landoltjp (#46274697) Attached to: Dear Asus Router User: All Your Cloud Are Belong To Us

I'm using Bell Fibe in Canada, and they supply a Modem / Router solution. I believe that Rogers (other major ISP) provides similar technology. So for many people they would not have their own router / firewall as first line of defense, they'd have ISP-supplied equipment.

Is it common in Canada or the US for people to just get a WAN Modem / Driver from their ISP and then put their own router into place? Or worse, plug their laptop right into the Driver and hope that MS firewall will keep the wolves at bay?

For wireless, the Bell / Rogers solutions both suck ass, so I disabled wireless and bought a small office WAP to punch a signal through the house where needed (the rest of my stuff is hard-wired to the switch). I don't think that would be an entry point if the security is turned up enough, right?

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