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Comment Re: Reg the Unavoidable (Score 1) 90

Information provides counterbalance to hidden bias. When it is no longer hidden, it may then be graphed and logged to show patterns and history. With such a dataset, we may then know how our current dataset is flawed because of the bad data that we had been fed before which skewed not only our results, but our perception of them.

Comment Re:Yeah baby! (Score 2) 1083

Actually, it was legal for him to suck a dick in all 50 states before this, now he it is legal for him to marry that dick as well. Also, some people like to suck dick and get their dick's sucked. Insults should be grounded in things that no one likes to do, like eating the still warm entrails of an Ebola infected skunk while getting a colonoscopy from your daughter. Rule 34 probably negates this observation.

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