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Comment: Re:Speech therapy (Score 1) 59

by landofcleve (#45977851) Attached to: Glyphy: High Quality Glyph Rendering Using OpenGL ES2 Shaders
I had considerable difficulty understanding the presenter while listening in a quiet environment. I was unable to render 3/5 words that he spoke. Maybe it was a combination of the poor video quality or bad mic pickup along with his speech impediment, but regardless of the technical obstacles, the onus is still on the speaker to convey their message as articulate as is possible. For that to be true, speech therapy is needed.

Comment: Or just limit the Megpixel (Score 1) 103

by landofcleve (#45805065) Attached to: CSI Style Zoom Sees Faces Reflected In Subjects' Eyes
count of the cameras you are snapping pics with. I can only think of a couple of cameras that get 39 megapixels, and they are in the Pureview line of Nokia's products. Even those don't produce 39 megapixel images, they use a sampling method to make better images at ~9 megapixel final resolution.