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Comment: Good luck fixing errors (Score 1) 532 532

In my insurance company's web page where it shows my health history, it shows that I had heart issues a few years ago. ( I never did ). I called them and they said they couldn't tell me how that record got in there. They told me to call my doctor. I called my doctor, they said they had no idea how that got in there. NEITHER of them can change it. The insurance says the doctor must correct it, the doctor says they know nothing about it. I am stuck with an erroneous health record.

Comment: I love 4 way stops (Score 1) 124 124

Especially when 2-4 drivers arrive at around the same time which is usually the case during rush hour. Two pattern emerge. Either they all look at each other and no one goes or if there are some more decisive people among them, more than one might decide to go at the same time. Very funny. 4 way stops. Worse traffic invention ever.

Comment: You guys are missing the point (Score 1) 514 514

Besides getting re-elected, politicians care about have tax income to allocate to their pork projects. To that end, H1B is preferable to the alternatives. Alternative 1. American Labor. It's expensive enough where certain projects & businesses won't even start up. Outcome: less taxes for the government compared to the #2 and #3 below. Alternative 2. Cheap Off-Shore Labor. Cheap thus a lot of businesses will take up on that. Downside: No income-tax from those employees. Alternative 3. Cheap H1B. Almost same as #2 but the H1-Bs pay income tax. So, as you can see, politicians try to maximize their income. They couldn't care less about the American worker. Thank you.

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