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Comment: Re:War of government against people? (Score 1) 875

by lamer01 (#47204065) Attached to: America 'Has Become a War Zone'
That's all nice and great in unicorn land. What about a society where the criminal element is already armed? If you were starting from scratch and no one was armed your silly diatribe would be acceptable. In the real world in the US you can't disarm all the criminals no matter how many laws you pass.

Comment: I was going to agree with you but you lost me (Score 1) 875

by lamer01 (#47204027) Attached to: America 'Has Become a War Zone'
When you mentioned the UK as an example where gun laws 'worked'. You basically contradicted your own argument. UK is a different country with so many variables being different than the US. The fact (this can be argued) that the laws worked there has no bearing as to whether they would work in the US.

Comment: All the government needs to do is make laws (Score 1) 523

by lamer01 (#46081561) Attached to: RNC Calls For Halt To Unconstitutional Surveillance
Laws that punish the bad behaviour. They do not need to intrude any further than that. If they laws say you cannot kill or harm your fellow man through any means (one of them is pollution), then that should be sufficient. It may sound naive and simplistic but that's what it boils down to. We just need someone to protect us from the bad actors in society. That's all.Make the act(s) of harming people illegal with severe enough punishment and allow the citizens to look for bad actors.

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