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Journal Journal: Journal? 1

In this, my first journal entry, I find I have little of import to say.

It's been interesting experimenting with Slashdot so far. I've managed to be "friended" based on a comment that may or may not deserve that privilege, and "foed" based on a post that I thought was useful and contained good information but earned me some swearing from the person who obviously disagreed with something. The person declined to state exactly what they disagreed with, other than accusing me of "mod whoring" (which may be a valid gripe - I responded to basically the same question in three separate portions of the discussion area, not realizing that may be a faux pas here).

Some decent news here on the site, and some interesting content and unique people. I'm a member of a couple of online communities where I've been chatting with people I'll never meet since mid-2000. I don't see that sort of rapport developing here, given that stories tend to come and go, but I haven't really explored the journal/friend/foe thing yet. Maybe there is a community to be found, and not just an ongoing discussion of randomly-selected current events.

"For the love of phlegm...a stupid wall of death rays. How tacky can ya get?" - Post Brothers comics