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Heavy Rain Previews Show Promise 84

Posted by Soulskill
from the blue-skies dept.
As the February release date for Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain nears, several publications have gotten a chance for some hands-on time with the game and seem to be intrigued by what they saw. Quoting the Opposable Thumbs blog: "The game grabs you during the quiet moments where nothing 'happens.' When you look at a picture your child drew. When you're questioning someone about a crime. When you're trying to figure out how to react to a violent situation. The preview we were sent put me in different situations as I played a small handful of characters, and each one provided a few tiny moments that were surprising in terms of storytelling or subtlety." Eurogamer's previewer had a similar reaction: "To my great delight as well — Heavy Rain isn't a mature game because it has unhappy families and moody lighting, it's a mature game because it anticipates an adult response from the player and is prepared to receive it."

Journal: cable vs dsl, cable vs directTV 8

Journal by Mantorp

We're moving and I'm thinking of taking this opportunity to ditch cable for DSL and DirectTV. What's been your experience? I've had Adelphia's bankrupted cable service which was adopted by Time Warner and it's unreliable as hell, since I work from home it's a major headache.
Will DSL through SBC be more reliable?
Does DirectTV suffer in bad weather?

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