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Comment: Re:Duh (Score 1) 401 401

This can't be accurate. My boss at the time had an NT4 server running SQL Server that he left on for a year. It only had SP1 installed. No security updates.

It was kind of a nightmare to patch when we finally did. Did I mention it was the billing database and that was back when we didn't have the PCI compliance standards of today.

Comment: Re:Duh (Score 1) 401 401

You never owned an iomega zip drive then. The NT4 kernel would BSOD constantly with an external parallel version of that. I've experienced a BSOD on every OS through Windows 7. In windows 8, it's now a :) so I don't know if that counts. (i've seen it too)

Windows tends to crash now due to hardware problems. Most BSODs in NT are from bad hardware or bad drivers.

Comment: Cloud providers are part of the problem (Score 1) 297 297

Look at the massive amount of IPs that Amazon and Microsoft use for their cloud solutions. If AWS actually supported IPv6 properly, people could start migrating. Last I checked, Amazon didn't even offer IPv6 as an option for their DNS services.

ISPs are starting to move on IPv6, and now we need the big hosting companies to step up. Today, that's mostly cloud providers.

+ - What are available options for mirroring open source project files? 1 1

laffer1 writes: With the recent issues around sourceforge, what are the current recommendations for mirroring ISO files and other large files for open source projects?

Background: I run a small BSD project that has an FTP server with approximately 90GB of data. This includes all release ISOs for each platform, packages and tarballs of source used to build packages (for GPL compatibility). I'd like to mirror ISOs and package binaries on other sites. Previously, I had mirrors at the ISC, Secution and other sites, but many have shutdown.

Comment: Re:Different types of terms (Score 4, Insightful) 175 175

I think the who problem with LAMP or MEAN is that it's trying to define one web stack. The world has moved on. Some companies deploy nginx now instead of apache or in combination with it. Netflix sends 33% of all Internet traffic on FreeBSD rather than Linux. I've seen so many people replace the P in LAMP to be python. We can't even agree on the P.

My current stack at work is FATAPJ - FreeBSD, Apache, Tomcat, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, Java

Comment: Re:I patched my tape library, that changed (Score 2) 53 53

You can't just compare the number of vulnerabilities. You have to look at how critical they were. You have to look at what components they were in. For example, does Windows include IE? I'm sure your iOS and OS X numbers include Safari. For Linux, is this just the kernel, a distro or all distros?

Comment: Re: Tabs vs Spaces (Score 4, Insightful) 428 428

Funny, I feel the exact opposite. The FreeBSD style(9) documentation suggests tabs because they can be customized to individual developers needs and they minimize weird diffs on the version control systems.

I take language and platform into account. For HTML and JavaScript, I prefer spaces. For Java, Perl, C#, CSS, C, and C++ tabs. If there is a crazy IDE required, I often prefer spaces because many of them default to some level of spaces and I like the quick code cleanup command to work the same for the whole team.

The real issue with that question is that it's impossible to answer. Even if you get a "spaces" person, try to get them to agree on the number of spaces. A coworker loves 2 spaces which is flat out wrong to me. Too hard to read. I've met people into 3 or 4 spaces. Then you get into where to put curly braces, etc.

Whatever you choose, it should be a standard for code whether at an open source project or a company.

I can't stand everyone using their own style. It's much worse than having to use a specific one.

Comment: Re:First RadioShack, now Future Shop!? (Score 1) 198 198

Radio shack was a competitor because they turned into a Mobile phone shop and best buy has their own mobile phone stores.

Circuit City is long dead. The brand was bought and the domain used to sell things, but the real chain is long dead. What next, you going to mention montgomery wards?

Comment: Re:That's impossible (Score 1) 317 317

IE11 will also remain in Windows 10, with good ole' MSHTML.DLL and all that other cruft that developers (and parts of Windows itself) have been taking hard dependencies on for 15+ years. It will receive security updates, performance improvements and so on, but it will not be updated at the pace of Spartan.

Maybe shipping two browsers with the OS will upset some people, but this should actually work out pretty nicely.

Apple fan boys should be out in force. Apple already does this. You can use the fast version of webkit aka Safari on iOS or you can use any third party app with a slow substandard browser experience.

Comment: Re:But if you look at unemployment... EEs beat CS (Score 1, Flamebait) 154 154

I have the opposite opinion. I have interviewed quite a few EE and CS people for programming jobs. I currently work at a university and while the EE people seem proficient in their favorite language, they don't know anything about design patterns. Trying to get one of them to use a MVC framework is hard enough, but to actually understand what is going on is impossible.

Quite a few of them have limited database experience and they don't know how to use any ORMs either.

No thanks.

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